Mancheli Lyrics and Translation | Autonagar Surya (2014) |

Movie: Autonagar Surya
Music: Anup Rubens
Singer: Anup Rubens

"Mancheli" has not been used in Telugu songs, atleast in the recent past.
If the word is separated into Man+cheli= Heart+My dear(girl), meaning manasu(heart) dochina(stole) cheli(My dear)
So, male partner conveys that His girl stole his heart.


Oh nuvve leni nenu lenu le cheli
Ninnu chere dhaare choopave cheli
Yedhute neevunna kalaga choosthunna
Yedhemavthunna neekai nenunna
Naa kannullo, gundello niluvella unna praanam neevele..!!

With out you I don't exist , oh girl
Show me the way to reach you
Though you're there Infront of my eyes, I assume as a dream
Whatever happens, I'm there for you
You're there in my eyes, heart and intact my whole life!!

Oh mancheli mancheli mancheli..!!

Nee choope naa swaasaga, nee roope o dhyaasaga jeevisthoo unna, neekai vechunna
Kanulu moosina, kanulu therachinaa neeve neeve
Kadali neevu ani, alalu nenu ani ye chota aina Ye naadaina ninne nenu choosthu unnaale

I'm living thinking that your vision is my breath, my work is you ( your appearance/form), I'm awaiting you
Doesn't matter if I close or keep open my eyes, its you all the time
I would be seeing you wherever you're, like sea and tides.

Mancheli Mancheli... | Repeat |

Kaalam vegam maaradha? Veeche gaali aagadha? Kaalam nedila chentha cheraga!
Kunuku marachina kanula kaanthi le neeve
Velugu neevu ani, needa nenu ani Naalo unna naatho unna naavanukunna anni neevele.

Won't the time stop or move fast? Won't the air stop?
Fortune has knocked my door now
Though I forgot/stopped to sleep, You're the glow/energy of my eyes
I'm light and you, the shadow
Whatever is inside me, with me, belonging to me, they're yours from now..!

Mancheli...!! | Repeat |


honey said...

awsme lines..

Anonymous said...

my favourite song !

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