Aap se Mausiiquii Lyrics Translation | Title Song

Album: Aap se Mausiiquii
Music, Singer: Himesh Reshammiya
Lyrics: Manoj Muntashir
Singer: Himesh Reshammiya
Music Label: T-Series

halka halka sa hai noor dil mein
saanson mein bhi hai aahistgi
beikhteyaari ye keh rahi hai
meri to duniya bas aap hi

There is a mild divine light in the heart,
and a slowness in my breaths too.
this un-control-ness is saying
that my world is just you.

[ikhtiyaar means to have an authority, hold or control over something. From which comes beikhtiyaari which means 'not being able to control' (his own self).]

aap se aashiqui
aap se mausiqui, mausiqi
aap se..

my love is from you,
my music is from you.

aap se aashiqui
aap se mausiqi, mausiqui

kab se, jaane kab se
mere dil mein hain ye beqaraariyaan
dheeme, dheeme-dheeme
seene pe yaadein chalaayen aariyaan

since when, I don't know since when,
there is this restlessness in my heart,
slowly, very slowly,
memories run a blade through my heart.

rab se hain ye guzaarishein
kaayam rahein ye khwaahishein
main in aankhon se kuchhh naa dekhoonga,
mera manzar to bas aap hain,
baahar baahar ke hain kisse saare
mere andar to bas aap hain...

I have these requests to God,
that these wishes remain,
I'll not see anything with my eyes,
you alone are my scenery.
all these stories are outwardly,
inside me it's just you.

aap se aashiqui
aap se mausiqi, mausiqui

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