Woh / Wo Jahaan Lyrics Translation | Rock On 2

Movie: Rock On!! 2
Music: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
Singers: Shraddha Kapoor, Farhan Akhtar
Label: Zee Music Company

neela aakash jo ik samandar hai
usme kahin koi aisa sitaara bhi hai
jisme doosri ik duniya ho basi
jisme ho jaagti zindagi

the blue sky that is a sea,
there is somewhere a star there in it.
On which another world is there,
in which life wakes..

par humse alag, humse judaa
ik nishaan bhi na ho jahaan dard ka
jeena jahan ho nahi mushkil

but different from us and our world,
where there is no sign of pain,
where living isn't difficult.

koi rota na ho, chain khota na ho
ho ye sabko yakeen, koi tanha nahee
na kabhi TooTe kisi ka dil..

where nobody cries, or loses peace,
where everyone believes that no one is alone.
where no one's heart ever breaks.

wo jahaan, koi dukh ho na ho koi gham
wo jahaan, palkein na hon nam
dilon mein ho na deewarein na dooriyan
wo jahaan, poore hon armaan

that world, where there is no sadness nor any sorrow,
that world, where eyelids aren't wet.
where there are no walls or distances between hearts,
that world, where desires are fulfilled.

sabko ho ye pataa, sab dilon mein
mohabbat ek gehri dhaara bhi hai
neele aakash mein, koi aisa sitara bhi hai

everyone should know, that in all hearts,
there is a deep stream of love too.
that in this blue sky, there is one such star too.

neele aakash ke is samandar ka
chaand ki kashti mein maine kiya hai safar
DhoonDhti ho agar tum jo duniya haseen
wo duniya hai yahin
wo yahin hai kahin

I have travelled across the sea of blue sky
in the boat of the moon..
and the beautiful world you are looking for
is here only,
it's somewhere here only..

haan magar uske chehre par
ki nafrat zulm ki
ik dhool hai jam gayi
haan magar uske tan pe lipTi
lalach ki hai zanjeer to
wo duniya aate aate tham gayi

yes, but on its face
there is settled dust of hatred and cruelty.
yes, but wrapped to its body,
there is a chain of greed,
because of which that world couldn't come.

uske chehre se ye dhool haT jaaye to
uske tan se ye zanjeer kaT jaaye to
dekhna phir yahaan
is zameen par hi hogi wo duniya

if the dust is removed from its face,
and if this chain is cut from its body,
see here only then,
on this earth only that world will be here.

wo jahaan, koi dukh ho na ho koi gham
wo jahaan, palkein na hon num
dilon mein ho na deewarein na dooriyan
wo jahaan poore ho armaan

muskurati ho chehron pe ik roshni
zindagi ho mohabbat bhari zindagi

where there is a light smiling on faces,
where life is a life full of love.

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