Main Adhoora Lyrics Translation | Beimaan Love

Movie: Beiimaan Love
Music: Sanjeev-Darshan
Lyrics: Sameer Anjaan
Singers: Yaseer Desai, Aakanksha Sharma
Label: Zee Music Company

meri pyaasi zindagaani
DhoonDhe teri nami
saari duniya paas mere
phir bhi teri kami..

my thirsty life
looks for your wetness,
I have all the world with me,
but I still miss you.

main adhoora.. main adhoora..
main adhoora.. tere bagair

I'm incomplete, I'm incomplete,
Incomplete without you.

lamho mein hai teri agan wo
main jal raha.. teri pyaas mein

in the moments, there is your fire,
and I burn, in your thirst.

aagosh ko hai chaahat teri
main bann gayi hoon raahat teri
tujhko mehsoos karne lagi hoon
khud se zyada, khud se zyada

my arms wish for you,
I've become your peace,
I've started feeling you,
more than myself, more than myself.

main adhoori.. main adhoori..
main adhoori.. tere baghair.

lab se tere.. shabnam chunoon wo..
lipta rahoon.. tere jism se

I want to pluck that dew from your lips,
and to keep clinging to your body.

mere badan mein aisi tapish
jo hai baDhaati teri kashish
jism teri panaaho mein aake
gumshuda hai.. gumshuda hai..

such a heat is there in my body,
that increases for me your attraction.
the body is lost after coming close to you,
it's lost, yeah it's lost.

main adhoori.. main adhoori..
main adhoori.. tere baghair

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