Fiza ye Khiza Lyrics Translation | Love Day

Movie: Love Day - Pyaar ka Din
Music: Sagar Sarkar
Lyrics: Ravi Babu
Singer: Mohit Chauhan
Music Label: T-Series

fiza ye khiza badal jayegi
ye maujein fanaa bikhar jayengi
kashishein magar ye dil se kabhi
chaahein bhi to na nikal payengi

this weather of autumn will change,
these waves will die and shred themselves.
but these wishes will never get out
of the heart even on trying.

hain khaatir teri nichhavar mere
ye dono jahaan aye yaar mere
tu aa saath baanT le har gham, har khushi

for you, both my worlds are sacrificed,
O my beloved.
come, let's share every sorrow and ever joy together.

ye aisi hai teri dosti
hai gardish bhi jisme haseen
is farsh se us arsh tak
hai bas tera mera zikr hi

such is this friendship of yours,
that even bad times are beautiful in it.
from this ground till that sky,
there is just our mention everywhere.

saath mere tu jab bhi chala
hota gaya kam har faasla

whenever you walked with me,
every distance kept reducing.

sochoon kabhi gar tu na hota
aye yaar mere kya hota
saath thhe hum rahein saath hi
hai fariyaad jazbaat ki

sometimes I think, if you were not there,
what would have happened to me, my beloved.
we were together, and should remain together,
that's the request of my emotions.

ye aisi hai teri dosti
na jisme hai ranjish koi
jab yaaron ka ho kaarvaan
manzil ki tab fikar hi nahi

such is your friendship,
where there is no enmity.
when it's a caravan of friends,
there is no worry about the destination (as the journey itself is wonderful.)

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