Ik Vaari Lyrics Translation | Ayushmann Khurrana

Single: Ik Vaari
Music, Lyrics: Ayuhsmann Khurrana, Apaarshakti Khurrana
Singer: Ayushmann Khurrana
Music Label: T-Series

We see a lot of songs remade these days. But they follow a common pattern, they have the same 'mukhRa' as the old song, and new 'antaras.' However this time classic T-Series superhit Aashiqui title song has been remade in a different style. This time Ayushmann Khurrana and Apaarshakti Khurrana come up with a new song, with its own mukhRa (and almost antara too), and then there are two antaras of the old song woven into it. A bit different, though the song wouldn't be bad even without them too.

The video of the song features Ayushmann (of course) and Aisha Sharma, who is actress Neha Sharma's sister, and loves to dance in some TV ads. ;)

ik vaari haan keh de muTiyare
ik vaari haan keh de

Say yes once, O girl,
say yes once.

baneya main tere layiaan
jeenda main tere layiaan
ravanga main tera banke saari umraan

I'm made for you
I live for you,
I'm remain yours all my life.

na tu jaavi mainu chhaD
main taan manna tenu rab
tere bina o tu heer meri rehna

don't go leaving me,
I consider you god,
without you.. remain my Heer*

ik vaari haan keh de muTiyare
ik vaari haan keh de
ik vaari...

pehli mohabbat ka ehsaas hai tu
bujhke bhi bujh na paayi wo pyaas hai tu
tu hi meri pehli khwahish, tu hi aakhiri hai

you are the feeling of first love,
you're the thirst that couldn't be quenched even quenched.
you're my first wish, and the last one too.

meri zindagi hai
meri har khushi hai
meri rooh ne kabki tujhko
haan keh di hai

you're my life,
you're all my joy,
my soul has said yes to you so long ago.

ik vaari haan keh de muTiyare
ik vari haan keh de

jeeN di na khwahish hai
na marna gawara hai
ik din main tere layi
chhaDna jag saara ae

I've no wish to live,
nor I am ready to die,
one day I'll leave this
whole world for you..

tu ni hundi neend ni aundi
hundi vi tan keRi aa jaandi

if you're not there, there is no sleep for me,
and even if there is, how would I sleep.

ik vaari haan keh de muTiyare
ik vaari haan keh de

har zakhm dil ka mere dil se duaa de
khushiyaan tujhe, gham saare mujhko khuda de
tujhko bhula na paaya meri bebasi hai
tu.. meri zindagi hai
tu.. meri har khushi hai
tu hi pyaar, tu hi chaahat
tu hi aashiqui hai

every wound of my heart prays for you heartily —
May God give you all the joys and to me all the sorrows.
It's my powerlessness that I couldn't forget you.
you are my life,
you are all my happiness,
you alone are my love and affection.

meri zindagi hai
meri har khushi hai
meri rooh ne kabki tujhko
haan keh di hai

ik vaari..

laa main baiTha tere naal
dil diyan saari gal
chal mere naal chal
saari umraan..

see, I sit with you
to do all the talks of my heart,
come, come with me,
for all life long.

dil dehe booha kholaan
sachi suchi gal bolaan
thoDa jeha hun main rolan
inni khushiyan oye..
inni khushiyan…

I open the gates of my heart,
I tell you the truth,
let me cry a bit,
there is so much happiness...

Bold italics: Lyrics from 1990 Aashiqui' song.

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