Hey Girl, Rab Di Kasam Lyrics Translation | Romal, Aditya Narayan

Song: Rab Di Kasam
Music: Arian Romal
Lyrics: Seema Saini
Singers: Aditya Narayan, Arian Romal
Music Label: T-Series

Romal Music!

hey girl, rab di kasam
raataan saariyaan
yaadan teri mujhe sataundi ain..
tujhse bhali yaadein teri
teri yaadan mujhe chhaDke na jaandi ain..

Hey girl, I swear to God,
all night,
your memory troubles me.
your memories are better than you.
your memories don't ever leave me alone.

hey girl, rab di kasam
tere bina ab meri akhaan neer bahaundi ain.
mudke bhi na dekhe tu mujhe
tere bina jaan meri jaaondi ai..

Hey girl, I swear to God,
without you now my eyes cry,
you don't even turn back and look at me.
and without you, my life goes out of me.

hold off a moment
you can see I’m fallin’
'cause everything that I ever had in my life
is shown your lovin’
goddam' I was honest
girl and I thought you’re flawless
girl the perfect diamond in whole world
but still you did lose your word
every night I was all alone
even in my dreams I was on my own
you never understood girl what I needed
and you left me like a heartless stone

hey girl, rab di kasam
main dekhoon jo mujhe
mujh mein nazar tu hi aaundi ai
mujh ko bata meri kya khataa
aise kyun mujhe taDpaundi ai

Hey girl, I swear to God,
if I see myself,
I just find you there in myself,
tell me what's my mistake,
why do you trouble me like that?

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