Dil Disco Disco Bole Lyrics Translation | A Gentleman

Movie: A Gentleman
Music: Sachin-Jigar
Lyrics: Vayu
Singers: Benny Dayal, Shirley Setia
Music Label: T-Series

kuRi aisi fancy, nachdi tufaan si
har ek Thumka aazmaaye
bajti alarm si, do pal na shanti
club ki jagaa de aatmaayein
aaja ve hila denge hum aaj angnaa
tere naal karke beat drop nachna
dil Disco Disco bole saari raat sajna

the girl is so fancy, dances like a storm,
tries every dance move.
she plays like an alarm, there is no peace,
she makes the spirits of the club wake up.
come, we'll shake the courtyard today,
I have to drop the beat and dance with you.
the heart says Disco-Disco all night.

Disco Disco ooh...
Disco Disco aah...

aaja ve hila denge hum aaj angnaa
dil Disco Disco bole saari raat sajna


move and roll no control
karle floor apna...
ruke na ye flow...

move and roll, let there be no control,
make the floor yours,
let this flow not be stopped...

tum kya ho, ji come and show
dil mein kyon kuchh rakhna
chal aaj kar le saath
dhintak dhintak dhinna

what are you, come and show.
why to keep anything in the heart.
come and dance with me today.

ye passion, ye fashion
jamaa doon impression
jo khul ke main kar loon
aaj dance dance dance dance

this passion, this fashion,
I'll impress everyone,
if I dance freely today.

sab ko hila dein
paaye koi bach na
nach lein hawaa mein
karein floor touch na
dil Disco Disco Disco Disco Disco...
dil Disco Disco bole saari raat sajnaa

let's shake everyone,
no one should remain,
let's dance in the air,
and not even touch the floor,
the heart says disco-disco, disco-disco all night.
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