Paas Aao Na Lyrics Translation | Armaan Malik, Prakriti Kakkar

Single: Paas Aao
Music: Amaal Malik
Lyrics: Kumaar
Singers: Armaan Malik, Prakriti Kakkar
Music Label: T-Series

Paas Aao was a popular theme song of Close-up, composed by Ram Sampath and sung by Sona Mahapatra, which is now recreated for T-Series by Amaal Malik, with Armaan Malik and Prakriti Kakkar singing the new lyrics written by Kumaar. The song video directed by Ahmed Khan shows the location as Close-up First Move Party.

haule-haule nazrein bolein
nazrein milaao aao aao
thoRi thoRi besharmi ki
baatein baRhaao aao aao..

softly, the eyes say,
meet the eyes.
increase the talks
of shamelessness a little, come...

bewajah ki mulaakaatein
karle kehti hain ye raatein
hichkichaao na..

these nights say
let's meet for no reason,
don't hesitate.

paas aao, paas aao, paas aao na
meri saanson mein samaao
paas aao na..

come close, hey come close,
get lost in my breath,
come close...

jo hai aaj hai abhi hai
na hoga phir kabhi
kal subah tak hum dono
na rahein ajnabi...

whatever is there, it's today, now,
it'll never be there again.
the two of us should not remain strangers
till tomorrow morning...

aas paas rahoonga tere
chori chori is dil ko mere
gudgudaao na...

I'll remain close to you,
secretly tickle this heart of mine...

paas aao, paas aao, paas aao na
meri saanson mein samaao
paas aao na...

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