Sahib Nazar Rakhna Lyrics Translation | Bhoothnath Returns

Movie: Bhoothnath Returns
Music: Ram Sampath
Lyrics: Munna Dhiman
Singer: Rituraj

Saahib nazar rakhna, Maula nazar rakhna
Tera karam sab ko mile, sab ki fikar rakhna

O Lord, keep an eye, O guide (god), keep an eye (on us)
Everyone should get your mercy, take care of everyone.

Naa aadmi ki aadmi jhele ghulaamiyaan
Naa aadmi se aadmi maange salaamiyaan
Jo fark paidaa ho rahe wo fark gark ho
Sab ko baraabar baant ye dharti ye aasmaan
Koi bhi naa ho dard mein, sab ki khabar rakhna
Sahib nazar rakhnaa, Maula nazar rakhna

Any human shouldn't be slave to another human,
No human should ask for salutes from another [as in, no one should be below any other humans, all should be equal.]
The differences that are there, those differences should end.
Divide equally this earth and this sky between us all.
There shouldn't be anyone in pain, watch out for everyone.
O Lord, keep an eye, O god, keep an eye..

Sab sar uthaa ke chal sakein, sab ko ye bal miley
Koi kisi aawaaz ko, daataa kuchal na de
Yahaan kaam bhi sab ko mile, aaraam bhi sab ko
Mehnat kare jo aadmi, mehnat ka phal miley
Har bol pe, har baat pe, apna asar rakhna
Sahib nazar rakhna, Maula nazar rakhna

Everyone should be able to walk with pride, everyone should get this strength,
God, no one should crush any voice,
Everyone should get work, and everyone should get to rest too,
Whoever works hard, should get results..
On every word, on every talk, let your effect be there.
O Lord, keep an eye, O god, keep an eye..

Maula... Maula...

O Guide, O God..

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Anonymous said...

Maula is not God.. it means protector

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