Party to Banti Hai Lyrics Translation | Bhootnath Returns

Movie: Bhootnath Returns
Music: Meet Bros Anjjan
Lyrics: Kumaar
Singer: Mika Singh with Meet Bros Anjjan

O hum se na aise-waise akdo o ho!
Order janhit mein jaari re
Apni limit mein raho, o hello hello
Apni to hai apni baari re

Don't be arrogant with us,
The order is released in public interest..
Stay in your limits, O hello hello..
It's our chance..

Little bit chatka
Jise diya wo latka
Famous hone lagi apni pagalpanti re..
Party to.. Party to.. Party to..
Isi baat pe.. Party to banti hai
Arey party toh banti hai

A little bit of hit
to whomsoever we gave, he hung in the air..
Our madness is getting famous now..
Party, O Party, O Party is certainly due now.
Yeah for this, Party is surely a must..

[now party here can be used for two meanings, one, as it sounds, is a regular party as in a celebration, but another is a political party, and they seem to say that a political party must be formed now, since the movie talks about an election.]

Po! Po! Po!.. po po po po
party apni jaari hai
Po! Po! Po!.. po po po po
sab apni zimmedari hai

Out party is on.
It's all our responsibility.

Hum hai king, humaare jaisa kaun hai
Rab hi to, humaari to backbone hai

We're the kings, who's there like us,
God himself is our backbone..

Sabhi ko finger pe nacha ke
Hum ne baazi maari hai
Ready sheady ho ke aa ja
Jitne bhi nar-naari hai

Having made everyone on our fingers,
we've won it.
Get ready etc. and come,
all those men and women are there..

Khushi mein aaj karni madpanthi re

In joy, I have to do madness..

Party to.. Party to.. Party to..
Isi baat pe..
Party to banti hai
Arey party toh banti hai

Unstoppable hai apna level
Sab karte khullam khulla na ki under the table
Tu raavan ka doot
Teri gandi hai kartoot
Baaton se tu samajh na paaye
Tu laaton ka bhoot
Tere gande gande scam
Tera poora ho gaya time
Tujh se jyada guts hain,
Aa ja door karun tere vaham
Teri khulegi pol
Izzat ke bajenge dhol
Face dikha na paayega
Jab honge exit poll

Our level is unstoppable,
we do everything openly and nothing under the table,
You're the envoy of Raavan,
it's your bad hadiwork..
you won't understand by talks..
You're a guy who understands kicks only..
Your bad bad scams..
Your time is over now.
We have more guts than you.
Come let me end your illusions,
your dirt will be out in the open,
your respect will be over,
you won't be able to show your face,
when exit polls take place..


Anonymous said...

Yo Yo honey singh song of Bhoothnaath Returns is very nice

Anonymous said...

Party to banti hai with mika singh wow

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