Thaayn Thaayn | Revolver Rani Title Song Lyrics Translation

Movie: Revolver Rani
Music: Sanjeev Srivastava
Lyrics: Puneet Sharma
Singer: Usha Uthup

(Alka, Please apne aap ko surrender kar do
Police force ne tumhein charon ore se gher liya hai
Kis mein himmat aa gayi, Alka Singh ko arrest karega..?
ha ha ha.. Surrender?
Khabardar, hum ne police ko charo taraf se gher liya hai.)

Alka, please surrender yourself,
Police force has surrounded you from all directions.
Who has found so much courage, as to arrest Alka Singh..?
ha ha ha.. Surrender?
Beware, we have surrounded police from all directions.

Zehreeli tarannum ka hissa hai
Yeh shehar-e-jahannum ka qissa hai
Yahaan bandookon ke paas bhasha hai
Mohabbat ka khooni tamasha hai

[She's] the part of poisionous rhythm,
it's the story of the city of hell,
Here guns have a language [like, guns speak here]
and there is bloody drama of love..

Is bhasad mein ek thi Rani
Baroodon ka wo pee ke paani
Pattharon ke paalne mein paida hui wo nashtari..

In this disorganization, there was a queen..
She, having drunk water of gunpowder,
That knife was born in the crib of stones..

Revolver Raani ki thaayn, thaayn, thaayn
Hai junglee jawaani ki thaayn, thaayn, thaayn

The revolver raani [Revolver queen]'s thaayn thaayn thayn
[thaayn thaayn is expression used for sound of a gunshot.]
There is thaayn thaay of wild youth..

(Thaane se report aa gayi hai sir
Chandighati ki firing ke piche halka ka hi haath tha
Oh damn it! Alka Alka Alka
Ye cheez kya hai Alka)

The report has come from the police station sir,
It was Alka behind the firing of Chandi ghaati
Oh damn it! Alka Alka Alka
What a thing this Alka is..

Us ke khilaunon mein khanjar tha, kainchi thi
Us ki hatheli pe chhaala tha
Us ke gharaati bhi bichhoo thhe, billi thi
Us ko siyaron ne paala tha
Aayi jawaani to wo janaani
Kheli thi apno ke khoon se, junoon se
Jungle ko jeeta, mutthi mein bheencha
Uske phira na jee saki sukoon se

There was knife, scissors, in her toys,
there was a blister on her palm..
His housemates were scorpions and cats,
She was brought up by wolves..
When the youth approached, that female
played with her blood, with passion..
She won the forest, clenched in her fist,
and then, could not live with peace after that.

Phir kisse mein jo mod aaya
Dil churaane jo chor aaya
Wo tha gudda aankh neeli zehreeli soorat liye
Kari us kameene ne thaayn thaayn thaayn
Mohabbat ke seene mein thaayn thaayn thaayn

Then there was a turn in the story,
the thief who came to steal her heart,
he was a doll with blue eyes and poisionous face,
that mean guy gunned [her down]
In the chest of love, he gunned..

Revolver Rani ki thaayn, thaayn, thaayn
Hai jungli jawaani ki thaayn, thaayn, thaayn

Wo khooni daldal ke manzar mein rehti thi
Par uske sapne salone thhe
Uski haveli mein jhoomar thhe, naukar thhe
Kaanton ke lekin bichhaune thhe
Kaante nikaale hans ke uchhaale
Gham ke samandar ko pee gayi mazaak mein
Us ki mohabbat thi aisi hadd tak
Jaise jeeta ho ishq inquilab mein

She used to live in the scenery of quicksand of blood
but her dreams were beautiful..
In her palace there were chandeliers and servants..
but there were mattresses of thorns..
[she] removed the thorns, laughed and threw them away..
She drank the sea of sorrow jokingly..
her love was to such a limit,
as if love was won in revolution..

Aasmaan bhi dehal ke roya
Bijliyon mein machal ke roya
Maut jis din gungunayi
Saanson mein uski suno
Ye uski kahaani hai thaayn, thaayn, thaayn
Ye sab ko zabaani hai thaayn, thaayn, thaayn

Even the sky cried deeply,
it sulked with lightning and cried..
the day when death hummed,
in her breath, listen..
it's her story, thaayn, thaayn, thaayn
everyone remembers it by heart, thaayn, thaayn, thaayn

Revolver Rani ki thaayn, thaayn, thaayn
Hai jungli jawaani ki thaayn, thaayn, thaayn

(Bad news hai sir,
Hum Alka ko nahi pakad paaye,
Mujhe maaloom tha. Damn it!)

There is bad news sir,
we couldn't catch Alka..
I knew it.. Damn it.

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