Raanjha Mera Ranjha Lyrics Translation | Queen (Rupesh Kumar Ram)

Movie: Queen
Music: Rupesh Kumar Ram
Lyrics: Raghu Nath
Singer: Rupesh Kumar Ram

Kinna sohna yaar heere, vekhdi nazaara
Ranjha mere ranjha,
majjha (buffalloes) chaarda (grazing) bechara

What a beautiful sight it is for Heer
to watch her poor beloved grazing buffaloes

Main heer haan teri
Main peedh haan teri
Je tu baddal kaala
Main neer haan teri

I am your heer,
I am your pain,
If you're a black cloud,
I am your water.

Kar jaaniye raanjhe,
ho darr jaaniye ranjhe
Upparon teriyaan sochaan,
mar jaaniye raanjhe

I keep doing it, I keep getting scared
Thinking of you all the time, it kills me.

Mera Ranjha, main raanjhe di
Ranjha hai chit-chor
Je karke wo mil jaaye ta
Ki chahida hai hor

My beloved is mine, and I am his
He is such a heart stealer.
If by doing anything we become one,
I'd want nothing else.

Teri aan haan Ranjhe
Teri shaan haan Ranjhe
Dil vich mayyon dadka
Teri jaan haan Ranjhe

Your pride, O beloved,
Your grandeur O beloved,
In my heart beats
your life O beloved.

Kikkaran sukkhan lagiyaan
Umraan mukkan lagiyaan
Ho mainu mil gaya Ranjha
Nabzaan rukkan laggiyan

Keekar trees are drying up
Lives are coming to end,
I found my beloved,
and the pulse seems to stop..

Mera Ranjha, main raanjhe di
Ranjha hai chit-chor
Hunn taan mainu mil gaya Ranjha
Ki chahinda hai hor

My beloved is mine, and I am his
He is such a heart stealer.
Now that my beloved is mine,
I'd not want anything else.


Aman said...

The only place where lyrics translation made sense. Thank you so much for sharing. I am in love with this song.

Anonymous said...

great translation. The others i've seen on the web are disastrous.

A few minor things:

- dil vich mayyon dhadkan: "I beat in your heart" (not "in my heart beats")

- kar janniye raanjhe : i think the words are actually ghar jaaniaan ranjhe, ho dar jaanian raanjhe (when i go home, i am scared)

Part of the problem here is that the guy who sings the song in the movie seems to be a non-native Punjabi speaker. For example, he pronounced majjan (buffaloes) as maanjha (kite string). There is a great (better) cover on youtube by Bhavya Pandit/Studio Unplugged that is better than the original IMHO. Amit Trivedi should really have found someone native to sing the movie version- such beautiful words, such a lovely melody, such a sadly missed opportunity.

Rajesh said...

I agree with above comment .. even I thought it may be Ghar jaania ranjhe..
I tried the version by Bhavya Pandit, even there she says maajha , that should be majjan as u said...

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