Aashiq Surrender Hua Lyrics Translation | Badrinath ki Dulhaniya

Movie: Badrinath ki Dulhaniya
Music: Amaal Mallik
Lyrics: Shabbir Ahmed
Singers: Amaal Mallik, Shreya Ghoshal
Music Label: T-Series

jo bhiRa tere..
jo bhiRa tere naino se Taanka
to aashiq surrender hua

when my eyes met yours,
this lover (I) surrendered.

tune sharma ke window se jhanka
to aashiq surrender hua
aa sun o ri gori
mohabbat mein tori
na jaane kab june se december hua

when you looked out of the window shyly,
this lover surrendered.
come, listen, O beauty,
in your love,
I don't when June turned into December.

tune english mein jab humko DaanTaa
to aashiq surrender hua
pyaar se maara gaalon pe chaanTaa
to aashiq surrender hua

when you scolded me in English,
this lover surrendered.
when you slapped me on the face with love,
this lover surrendered.

jo bhiRa tere naino se..

hey look mera ye awesome
adaayein beautiful hain,
jaanti hoon main tujhe
tu kitna bloody fool hai, oye!

this awesome look of mine,
and beautiful styles,
I know you,
what a bloody fool you are.

are shaadiyon ka season
na april fool hai
kaise hum keh dein
ki haan ji haan qubool hai

this wedding season
is like April fool's day,
how do I say
that yeah, I accept (the groom).

innocency se face maine Dhaanka
to aashiq surrender hua
jo bhiRa mere naino se Taanka
to aashiq surrender hua
surrender hua...

when I covered my face with innocence,
this lover surrendered.
when your eyes met mine,
this lover surrendered.

are bhagyawaan maan bhi ja
laRna befizool hai
pyaar dikhe na, kya
aankhon mein paRi dhool hai..

O lucky one, calm down,
there is no use of fighting,
you can't see (my) love,
is there dust in your eyes?

[Bhagyawaan is a word often comically used for wives, as the sayer is calling his spouse lucky for marrying him.]

are taj mahal banwaana
shah jahan ki bhool hai
uske paas paisa
apne haath mein to phool hai

making the Taj
was Shahjahaan's mistake.
He had money,
but in my hand there is just a flower.

tune gusse mein..
tune gusse mein phone mera kaaTa
to aashiq surrender hua

You dropped my phone in anger
and this lover surrendered.

jo bhiRa mere… aye mister
jo bhiRa mere naino se Taanka
to aashiq surrender hua
haan surrender hua…

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