O Saathi Re Din Doobe Na Lyrics Translation | Omkara

Movie: Omkara (2006)
Music: Vishal Bhardwaj
Lyrics: Gulzar
Singer: Vishal Bhardwaj, Shreya Ghoshal
Label: Eros Music

O saathi re
din Doobe naa,
aa chal din ko rokein
dhoop ke peechhe dauRein
chhaanv chhoo le naa,
O saathi re...

O my companion,
let the day not end.
come, let's stop the day,
let's run and catch the sun that's falling,
let the shade not touch us,
O my companion.

thakaa-thakaa sooraj jab
nadi se ho kar guzregaa,
hari-hari kaai pe
paanv paRa to phislega,

when the tired sun
passes through the river,
if its foot falls on the green moss,
he might slip (and fall into the river)

tum rok ke rakhna,
main jaal giraaun,
tum peeTh pe lena,
main haath lagaaun,
din Doobe naa...

you hold it,
and I'll spread the net (to fish the sun out)
you carry it on your back,
and I'll help with that,
let the day not end.

teri meri aTTi-paTTi,
daant se kaaTi kaTTi,
re jaiyyo na,
O peehu re.

let's have a pact
(like children often make)
a solid one,
don't go (ever),
O dear one.

O peehu re,
naa jaiyyo naa.

O dear one,
don't. don't go.

kabhi kabhi yoon karna
main DaanToon aur tum Darna,
ubal paRe aankhon se,
meeThe paani kaa jharnaa.

sometimes, do it like that,
I'll scold you, and you be scared.
and then let fall of sweet water
come bubbling out of your eyes.

tere dohre badan mein,
sil jaaungi re,
jab karvaT lega,
chhil jaaungi re.

I'll get sewed into your body,
and when you twist or turn, I'll get bruised.

sang le jaaoonga...
teri meri angni mangni
ang sang laagi sangni
sang le jaaun, O peehoo re

I'll take you with me,
you and I are taken by each other,
we are together, body and soul,
I'll take you with me, O dear one.

O saathi re
din Doobe naa,
aa chal din ko rokein
dhoop ke peechhe dauRein
chhaanv chhoo lein naa,
O saathi re...

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