Dil Seedha Saadha Lyrics Translation | Commando 2

Movie: Commando 2
Music: Mannan Shah
Lyrics: Kumaar
Singer: Amit Mishra
Music Label: T-Series

khudgarz hain ye teri sab khwahishein
karta hai dil ye tujhse guzaarishein
ab tu badal na lena tere raaste,

all these wishes of yours are selfish,
now this heart requests you,
not to change your paths now.

ishq se bhi tujhe ishq zyada karoon
mujhmein tera hi to jee raha hai junoon
aur kya ab main tujhse kahoon

I love you more than love itself,
in me there is your passion only that lives.
what else do I say to you now.

seedha saadha dil seedha saadha*
mera kam hai tera zyaada

my heart is simple and straightforward,
it's less mine and more yours.

[Seedha is often followed by saada. Seedha means straight, or straightforward when it comes to people, and saada means simple. Here seedha-saadha is just a deformed version of seedha-saada only.]

tere bharose pe hi sang tere chalne laga
tere ishaaron pe hi girne sambhalne laga
toone chhoRa mujhko jo safar mein
jeene mein phir hongi kitni mushkilein

because of the trust in you, I started walking with you,
on your signals, I started falling and rising.
if you leave me somewhere in this journey,
there will be so many problems in living.

aakhiri moR tak main tere saath hoon
ab iraade tere na badal lena tu
aur kya ab main tujhse kahoon

till the last turn I'm with you,
now just don't change your plans,
what else do I tell you now.

seedha sadha dil sidha sadha
mera kam hai tera zyaada

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