Phillauri Meaning | फिल्लौरी / ਫਿਲੌਰੀ

Phillaur is a town in the Jalandhar district in Punjab, India, and the residents of the town of Phillaur are called Phillauris. [Just the way residents of Amritsar are called Amritsari (aur ambarsariya sometimes) and residents of Ludhiana, Ludhianvi.]

In the Anushka Sharma starrer film Phillauri, it seems the word is used as a way to call someone, much like a name, as the person's name is not known or mentioned. So he is called just Phillauri for he is from Phillaur.

The person in question, as per the trailer, seems to be Diljit Dosanjh, so mostly for practical purposes, Diljit Dosanjh's character will be called Phillauri in the film, and probably the movie is named after that character only.

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