Tamma Tamma Again Lyrics Translation | Badrinath ki Dulhaniya

Movie: Badrinath ki Dulhaniya
Music: Bappi Lahiri, Recreated by: Tanishk Bagchi
Lyrics: Indeevar
Singers: Anuradha Paudwal, Bappi Lahiri. Rap: Badshah, Voice over: Ameen Sayani
Music Label: T-Series

namaste behnon aur bhaiyon
baRe hi kam shabdon mein
aapko sunaana chaahta hoon
us saal ka lokpriya geet, ye!

namaste sisters and brothers,
in very few words,
I want to sing to you
a popular song of that year.

[This is Ameen Sayani's voice, who used to present very popular Bollywood songs' countdown Binaca Geetmala and is a famous voice over personality for his different style.]

tu premi (yeah!)
main premi (control)
tu raazi (wait a minute)
main raazi (uh ho!)
tu.. aa ha!
main.. aa ha!
tu.. aa ha!

you are in love,
I'm in love,
You are ready,
I'm ready,

salaam le jaata huaa, uRan khatola
aur been bajaati hui naagin!

a flying saucer taking a salute up,
and a female snake playing a wind instrument*

[A 'been' is a wind instrument that snake charmers play, and seem to be charming the snakes with.]

tu premi (aa ha!)
main premi (aa ha!)
tu raazi (aa ha!)
main raazi…

phir kya daddy kya amma
ek bas tu hi pyaar ke kaabil
saara jahaan hai nikamma…

then what's father and mother.
only you are worth loving,
and the rest of the world is useless.

tamma tamma loge
tamma tamma loge tamma

[The words 'tamma tamma loge' don't mean anything. As such 'loge' in Hindi might be 'you will take', or 'will you take', but then tamma is not a Hindi word, and the entire phrase here has no meaning either.]

(been bajaati hui naagin)


wo badal gaya!

he changed!

rakhoon na baby koi bhi shanka
apne pyaar ka baja doon Danka
tere mere beech mein jo koi bhi aaya
uski laga doon lanka

baby I'll not leave any doubt,
I'll declare my love openly.
whoever comes between you and me.
I'll burn them!

chhoR chhaR ke duniyadari
bas tere pichchhe paR gaya main
sapno mein to already
ghoRi-voRi chaRh gaya main

leaving the worldliness
I just came behind you.
I'm already riding a mare
in my dreams.

[This refers to the custom where the groom goes to the bride's house riding a mare.]

mujhko baby lucky kar
baat humari pakki kar
itna kya soche mujhe haan bol ke
kaam tu nakki kar

make me lucky, O baby.
finalize our (love) story.
why do you think so much,
say yes and get it done.

tujhe zaroorat mere jaise yaar ki
mujhe zaroorat tere jaise yaar ki
jale jo usko aur jalaao
naacho chhamma chham chhamma…

you need a lover like me,
I need a lover like you.
whoever is jealous, make them more so,
and dance more.

tamma tamma..
tamma tamma..

upar chaRhein ya neeche utrein
three, two, one, kill it!

now shall we go up or get down?
three, two, one, kill it!

loge… tamma tamma loge tamma
tamma tamma loge
tamma tamma loge tamma

For the Lyrics Translation of the Original 1990 song from Thanedaar, check http://www.bollymeaning.com/2017/02/tamma-tamma-loge-meaning.html.


Sanjay said...

Read this over 3-4 times, but still didn't get what "Tamma" means?
Any help?

Harshit Gupta said...

Oops. Forgot to repeat the meaning here. It's there with the old version's translation. There you go.

The words 'tamma tamma loge' don't mean anything. As such 'loge' in Hindi might be 'you will take', or 'will you take', but then tamma is not a Hindi word, and the entire phrase here has no meaning either.

Also, you could check the link http://happysing.com/2017/02/tamma-tamma-loge-meaning for more details on the same if you are interested.

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