Agar Main Kahoon Lyrics Translation | Lakshya

Movie: Lakshya (2004)
Music: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
Singer: Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik
Label: Sony Music

agar main kahoon,
mujhe tumse mohabbat hai
meri bas yahi chaahat hai,
to kya kahogi

If I say
that I am in love with you,
and it's my only desire,
what would you say?

main tumse kahoongi
is baat ko agar tum,
zara aur sajaa ke kahte
zara ghuma-phira ke kehte
to achchha hota...

I'd say
that if you had said it
a little more beautifully,
if you'd said it with a bit of drama,
it would have been better.

agar main kahoon,
tumko jab dekhoon
lagti ho jaise nayee
honTh hain pankhuRi phool ki
aankhein jaise jugnoo chamkte hue,
soche mera ye dil dhaRakte hue

if I say,
whenever I see you,
you seem to be new.
that your lips are flower petals,
that your eyes are shining fireflies,
and my heart thinks so, while beating hard.

agar main kahoon
agar main kahoon, ye jo chehra hai
jaise koi chaand hai,
to kya kahogi

if I say
that this face of yours
is like some moon,
what would you say?

main tumse kahoongi
mujhko bhoole se bhi chaand tum na kaho
chaand mein to kayee daaG hain
mujhe phool na kahna, wo murjhaate hain
jugnoo bhi na kahna, wo kho jaate hain

I'd tell you
not to call me the moon even by mistake.
there are so many blots on the moon.
don't call me a flower, they wither.
nor call me a firefly, they get lost.

ye baatein puraani hain,
jo mujhko sunaani hain
kisi aur adaa se kehte
zaraa ghuma-phira ke kehte to achchha hota
agar main kahoon...

these are old things.
if you have to tell me these things,
saying them a little more beautifully,
with a bit of drama,
would have been better.

agar main kahoon,
baatein sunke tumhari main hairaan hoon
jo bhi kehna hai kaise kahoon
lagta tumhein kuchh bhi achchha nahin
sach ko bhi kahti ho sachcha nahin

if I say,
that I am confused after listening to you,
how do I tell you what I have to tell you.
you don't seem to like anything,
you don't even admit what is true.

agar main kahoon
agar main kahoon,
tumhein pata nahin hai kyun
hai pyaar mujhe bhi tumse to kya kahoge

if I say
why don't you know
that I love you too, what would you say?

main tumse kahoonga
mere dil ka hai ye kehna,
humko hai saath mein rehna

I'd say
that my heart says
that we have to be together.

ye donon ke dil mein hai na,
to phir kyun kehna

this is in both of our hearts, right?
then why say it?

agar main kahoon...
to main tumse kahoongi...

if I say...
then I'll tell you...

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