Chal Kahin Door Chalein Lyrics Translation | MOM

Movie: MOM
Music: A R Rahman
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singer: Shashaa Tirupati
Music Label: T-Series

khaamoshi ke chehre pe ab
lagta hai ke dhoop khili..
kitne din ke baad main hans ke
apne aap se aaj mili...

it seems that on the face of silence
there is sun shining now,
after so many days today
I met myself laughing.

chal kahin door chalein
chal kahin door chalein

come, let's go somewhere far away.

ranjishon ruswaaiyon se
bewajah bechainiyon se
uljhe raaston se
dard ke sab bandhanon se
khush nahi hai dil tu jin se
apni hi un uljhano se

from enmities and disrespects,
from unreasonable restlessness,
from entangled paths,
from all the bonds of pain,
from our own confusions
with which you are not happy, O heart.

chal kahin door chalein

come, let's go somewhere far away.

kholenge-kholenge baahon ka ghera
jo chaahe kar le andhera
sooraj jaisa khilta chehra

we'll open the circle of our arms,
whatever darkness does,
a face blossoming like the sun.

vaada kiya vaada kiya
khud se hi vaada kiya
TooToongi main na kabhi
pakki hai ye baat bhi
Gam se mujhko karna kinaara

promised, I have promised myself,
that I'll never break,
this is sure,
I have to leave my sorrows aside.

aisa hona hai ae dil
aisa hona hai ae dil
main hi rasta main hi manzil
main hi mehfil main hi raunak
khud ko karna hai haasil
mere wo hain jo mere kaabil
khaali logon se lamhon se... ae dil.
hon faasle hon faasle
hon faasle hon faasle

it has to happen, O heart,
I am the path, I'm the destination,
I'm the party, I'm the liveliness (of the party),
I have to find myself.
Those alone are mine who are worth me.
from empty people and moments, O heart,
let there be distances,
let there be distances...

chal kahin door chalein

come, let's go somewhere far away.

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