Tum Jaan Lo Abhi Se Lyrics Translation | Baaraat Company

Movie: Baaraat Company
Music: Ali-Ghani
Lyrics: Syed Ahmad Afzal
Singer: Sameer Khan
Label: Zee Music Company

dil gaya jab tu mila
ab tu chala to sab gaya
reh gaya bas ye gila
kal tu kahaan aur main kahaan

when you met me, I lost my heart,
now when you are leaving, I lose everything.
just one complaint remains
that we'd be so far apart tomorrow.

tum jaan lo abhi se
ye raat phir na hogi
ye baat phir na hogi
tum maan lo abhi se
pyaar mein pyaar mein...

know this now itself,
that this night will never come again,
that this talk will never happen again,
understand it now.
in love. in love...

phir baad mein na kehna
nahi door tumse rehna
kaheen door tumse rehna
hai Gam yahi to sehna
ye sach to hai mere dil ka
ab tum bhi kuch keh do na...

don't say later,
that you can't live away from me.
to live somewhere far away from you,
that pain I have to bear with,
this is the truth of my heart,
now you too say something.

aankhein main dekhoon jo teri
bunti hain yaadein ye meri
dil ne kaisi di hamein sazaa
saansein main chhoo loon jo teri
chunti hai aahein ye meri
mil ke kaise ho rahe judaa
ab hai hamein yahi sehna...

when I see your eyes,
they make me knit memories.
what a punishment the heart has given me.
if I touch your breath,
they pick my sighs,
how are we getting separated after meeting.
now we have bear with this.

sil gaye lab mere
ab jaan meri tu le chalaa
chhin gye din mere
jo raat meri tu le chala
tum lauT ke na aana
ye saath yaad rakhna
ye baat yaad rakhna
phir lauT ke na aana
pyaar mein pyaar mein...

my lips are sealed,
now you take my life away with you.
my days are snatched away from me,
and you take away my nights with you.
don't come back now,
just remember this companionship,
just remember this thing,
don't come back again,
in love, in love...

ab phir mile jo hum tum
anjaan se hi rehna
kuchh baat aisi kehna
bas phir milein na hum tum
ye sach to hai mere dil ka
aur kuch nahi ab kehna...

now, if we meet again,
remain like a stranger only.
say something such
that we don't meet again.
that's the truth of my heart,
now don't say anything else.

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