Aafreen/ Afreen Meaning

Aafreen is actually a word having multiple meanings, it's a word used in praise, to express the feeling of one being overwhelmed, it means brave, and it means to acclaim too.

But when we come to a song, it generally means overwhelmingly praiseworthy. For example, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's Aafreen Aafreen goes like, husn-e-jaana ki taareef mumkin nahi, aafreen aafreen, aafreen aafreen. Here, he clearly says he's overwhelmed. In Himesh Reshammiya's aafreen tera chehra, aafreen is praiseworthy again.

So as far as poetry, especially romantic poetry is concerned, aafreen is very much praiseworthy, overwhelmingly so.


Unknown said...

i like the name "aafreen" very much. as its pronunciation and meaning is nice.

Anonymous said...

I love my name!

Anonymous said...

Whn I think of Aafreen it sounds like unlimited..unseen.. untouched ... beyound hosh..

Unknown said...

I love Aafreen name.
Aafreen sound just like beautiful birds.

Unknown said...

Nice name aafreen my sweet baby

Dev said...

Lovely word, very poetic

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