Kahani Khatm hai meaning (Udaan)

kahani khatm hai, ya shuruaat hone ko hai
subah nayi hai ye, ya phir raat hone ko hai
aane wala waqt dega panaahen
ya phir se milenge doraahe
khabar kya, kya pata…

The lines mean that you don't know whether it's the end of the story or is it a new beginning. Is it a new morning or is it the night coming. The time that comes, will whether give you space, or you'll be in dilemmas and troubles again, you never know.

And to me, the meaning of this meaning is that no one knows what is coming next and what may looks like a dark night ahead may even be the brightest morning. So just enjoy, live life to the fullest. Life is, after all, about hoping, and living.

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