Sanaa: Meaning in Swahili n Sanskrit

OK. This time I'm getting you a meaning that is out of Bollywood. You must have heard the name Sanaa. But do you know the name is popular in Muslim as well as Hindu culture too? Interestingly, both the cultures have got different origins and different meanings for the word.

In Muslim culture, the name comes from Swahili and means Beauty, or a work of art. While the name among Hindus might have come from its Sanskrit origin, which means Long lasting.

As a matter of fact, there are more names which have different meanings across cultures. Just like Sana, there is Sameer, which is 'Wind' in Hindi/Sanskrit and 'a jovial, entertaining companion.'

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Sanaa said...

The meaning of the name Sanaa is Brightness, Radiance

The origin of the name Sanaa is Arabic

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