Dabang movie heroine Sonakshi Sinha

"Thappad se dar nahi Lagta sahab, pyaar se lagta hai." As soon as Sonakshi finishes her dialog, I wonder who writes dialogs for Salman Khan's movies. I mean, at a time when people are dying to go down to reality, he can be totally filmy and still look good. Again, he is one guy who least goes out to fans through any media, especially Internet and still has one of the largest fan followings. The latter goes even for Sanjay Dutt.

Anyway, I was getting deviated from the topic. I was here talking about the actress, Sonakshi Sinha. When I heard that Sonakshi, the daughter of Shatrughan Sinha was going to act in Dabangg, my guess was that we'd have a scene here or there with a flower like beautiful, say model, who'd say a romantic dialog and clear the way for Salman. But seems like Salman is going to get more than just a model this time and as Sonakshi is seen in the promos, in a down to earth role (as much as it can be in a Salman Khan movie, of course we are not talking of Govind Nihalani level here) it's almost clear we are going to have an actress for the future.

Well, promos don't tell a lot, so we'll have to wait for the movie until will can say more, but until then, all the best Sonakshi.

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