Javeda Zindagi meaning

When Mithoon made the song Javeda Zindagi, its music was so good that even though people didn't know what the words Javeda Zindagi meant, or at least what Javeda meant, we just fell for the song. Awesome work by Mithoon for sure.

Anyway, the word Javeda, or Javida, the way they have sung it, actually comes from Arabic word Javid, which means Life. Hence, Javeda/ Javida is living, or eternal.

Since Zindagi is simply 'life', Javeda Zindagi is eternal life, so that the line 'mohabbat to ek javeda zindagi hai' would mean something like 'love is (has) an eternal life', or simply love is eternal, or forever.


adriana said...

The lyrics to this beautiful song were written by Sayeed Quadri and Hasan Kamal. It would have been quite a task for someone like Mithoon to come up with such sage lyrics, since he was only twenty years old when the song was composed! But the fact that he could put such perfect music to it means he has an old soul :)

Harshit Gupta said...


I think the way Mithoon composes, had the lyrics been his thing, he could probably write as good a song. What a wonderful talent he is with his compositions.

Anyway, Sayeed Quadri again has given some really touching lyrics, and he and Mithoon together have given some really great songs. :)

Anonymous said...

Hareesh Joshi says...

@Harshit Gupta:

Thanks man... You've nicely brought out the meaning... :) Thank you... And btw... what's meaning of sawani..??

Harshit Gupta said...


Can you please get me the context for Sawani?

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