Shama Meaning, Parwana meaning

Shama or Shamaa is another highly used word in Hindi songs. Shama is an Urdu word which means a candle or a lamp that burns.

Also, many times with Shamaa, Parwana is also used. Parwana is a butterfly, or a moth. In these songs where a 'Parwana' is ready to burn in a 'Shama', Parwana basically means moths who generally keep flying near lamps/ candles and get burned by them.

And yes, as the comment on top says, poets believe that true lovers are like these moths who die in the flame of a beloved's love, beloved being the flame here.


Anonymous said...

true lovers are like those moths. . .

Anonymous said...

tu parwana me shama is a really great old song - my kids and me cant stop listening to it here in israel.

SHAMA said...

Thanks for letting me know this.. I am Shama.. Got a new perspective (:

Wasim said...

Good explanation!

Unknown said...

One more old Song from “Kati Patang”
Shamaa kahe parawaane se, pare chalaa jaa
Meree tarah jal jaayegaa, yahaa naheen aa
Wo naheen sunataa, us ko jal jaanaa hotaa hain

Unknown said...

Shama kahe parwane se pare chala ja, meri tarah jal jayega...yaha nahi aa

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