Madno, Dilbaro, Mashuko, Meanings

Finding the meaning of Lamhaa's popular song Madno re is a trouble for people. So here is the meaning of the lines from Kashmiri to Hindi.

Madno means beloved, Dilbaro means a beloved too, and Mashuko is a beloved again. The meanings vary like Madno is something like saajnaa, while dilbaro is like dilbar of urdu only. Mashuko is like Mashuka of Urdu again.

Here are the Kashmiri lyrics of the song.

Beh chus shab che subah,
Meelith doshvay juda
Beh chus lab che dua,
Meelith doshvay juda…

Which means,

I am the night and you are morning,
being together too we are apart,
i am lips, you are prayer,
being together too we are apart..


NIDHI said...

thanks a ton.

Anonymous said...

ohh..i was so eager to know it...posted on

Anonymous said...

Finally I got it ! Thank u.

Praveen Damodhar said...


I'd be more happy if you could post the translation for the entire song in English!


Unknown said...

Well, I was skeptical whether I'll find the meaning or not. But I'm so happy that I got it.
Thanks a lot.


Anonymous said...

dis song resembles ma condition, i hv dedicated dis song to sumone bt didnt knw d meaning of madno.... thnks a lot

Anonymous said...

This makes the song more meaningful

Aurangzeb said...

Thanks a lot! :)

Anonymous said...

Too good meaning of dis sng.......i love d meaning

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