Chilman meaning

Have you ever stuck on the word chilman in a song or Ghazal? If yes, here is the meaning.

Chilman is a screen, mostly a curtain, that is 'Parda' in Hindi, or sometimes a hanging screen made of bamboo or some type of plants.

When in songs, Chilman basically means something that keeps one's sight blocked, generally in part, due to which heroes are not able to see their heroines properly. Don't you know, ye jo chilman hai, dushman hai hamari.. (this 'chilman', it's my enemy..)


Anonymous said...

chilman is kk

ABDaLLAH alawad said...

Idhar chilman se yeh jhanke
Udhar chilman se woh jhanke
Aag lagado is chilman ko
Na yeh jhanke na woh jhanke

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