Rang Daalen: Lyrics, Meaning

rang daalein, rang daalein
sheher ko apne rang mein rang daalain, rang daalein
ambar mein kar dein surakh, samandar mein laga denge aag
maut ke seene pe zindagi ke tatto gudwa lein
lafange parinde... lafangey parindey...

Let's color, Let's color,
Let's color the town in our colour,
Let's make a hole in the sky, We'll set the sea on fire
Let's put a tattoo of life on the chest of death,
(we are) rogue birds... rogue birds..

chaand rang dein laal, aur aasman hara
rakh di jis pe ungli hum ne, wo rang khara
sitaare tod saare, zameen par bichaa dein
hum apni parchhaai falak pe saja dein
sooraj ko phoonk maar maar ke bujha dein
rang daalein, lafange parinde...

Let's color the moon in red, and the sky in green,
Whatever color we put our finger on, is the fine (right) color,
Let's pluck all the stars and spread them on the earth,
Let's decorate the sky with our shadow,
Let's keep blowing/puffing and put out the sun,
let's color.. (we are) rogue birds..

waqt ke paon mein to, hain pahiye lage
woh bhaage aage aage jaise koi peeche peechhe sipahiye hain lage
waqt ke pairon mein, ghunghru laga dein
taal par usko apni aaj aaja nachwa dein
waqt ki saala aaj suiyaan rukwa dain
rang daalein..

There are wheels attached to the legs of time,
it runs as if police constables are chasing it,
let's put bells in time's legs,
let's make it dance to our tune,
let's f***ing get the hands of time stopped today, [1]
let's color...

ambar mein kardain soorakh, samandar mein laga denge aag
maut ke seene pe zindagi ke tatto gudwaadein
lafangeyy parindeyy... lafange parinde...

[1] - The word saala literally means brother-in-law, precisely wife's brother, but the slang generates almost the same emphasizing effect as f***ing here.

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