Ibn-e-batuta meaning

Ibn-e-Batuta literally means son of Batuta, but frankly, that meaning has nothing to do with the song of Ishqiya.

In Ishqiya, Ibn-e-Batuta simply means the Moroccan Muslim Scholar called Ibn-e-Batuta or Ibnbatuta who used to travel and write extensively about his journeys. Here Gulzar has used the name of Ibn-e-batuta in a light mood to express a traveler. As the line goes, Ibn-e-Batuta, Bagal mein Joota, which means he's ready to walk at any time, though here it is again followed by pehne to karta hai churrrr, which makes it all fun. But at the same time, if you listen to the entire song, it simply tells you how to travel and live life, even though in its own funny manner.


Varun said...

Ibn E Batuta is a poem.. Look up on wiki.

Harshit Gupta said...

Dear Varun,

Ibn-e-Batuta can be a hundred things now. I can guarantee that in the middle east there would tens of restaurants named Ibn-e-Batuta, but that doesn't change the real Ibn-e-Batuta.

Anyway, the poem you are talking about is getting the publicity because of Sarveshwar Dayal Sharma's daughter's claim over the song's credits. Here is the poem by him.

Ibn Battuta
Pehen ke joota
Nikal pade toofan mein
Thodi hawa naak mein ghus gayi
Thodi ghus gayi kaan mein
Kabhi naak ko
Kabhi kaan ko
Malte Ibn Battuta
Isi beech mein nikal pada
Unke pairon ka joota
Udte udte unka joota
Pahunch gaya Japan mein
Ibn Battuta khade reh gaye
Mochi ki dukan mein.

Don't think this was the song in the movie.

Anonymous said...

I agree wit d harshit gupta dat Ibn battuta is a morrocan muslim scholar from d 14th century n his explaination abt d lyrics seems logical.

Anonymous said...

May I request the translation of the entire song like line by line for non Hindi speakers?

Anonymous said...

Ibn Battuta is the greatest explorer of all times. On leaving Morocco, his birthplace he first went to the holy city of Mecca to perform Hajj and the travelled extensively across Asia. He left home at the age of 20 and returned when he was 50. All the other songs, documentaries, movies, poems, the The Ibn batutta mall in Dubai are his portrayal in popular culture.
- Deebz

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