Tu Na Jaane Aas Paas hai Khuda, Lyrics, Meaning

Dhundhla jaayein jo manzilein
Ik pal ko tu nazar jhuka
Jhuk jaaye sar jahan wahin
Milta hai rab ka raasta
Teri kismat tu badal de
Rakh himmat bas chal de
Tere saathi mere kadmon ke hain nishaan
Tu na jaane aas pass hai khuda

If the destinations get hazy,
lower your sight for a moment,
wherever your head bows down,
there only the way to God is found,
You Change your luck
Be strong, just start moving,
My footprints are your companion
You don't know God is nearby..

Khud pe daal tu nazar, Haalaton se haar kar
Kahaan chala re
Haath ki lakeer ko, Modta marodta,
Hai hausla re
Toh khud tere khwabon ke rang mein
Tu apne jahan ko bhi rang de
Ke chalta hoon main tere sang mein
Ho shaam bhi toh kya
Jab hoga andhera
Tab paayega dar mera
Uss dar pe phir hogi teri subah
Tu na jaane aas pass hai khuda

See yourself, lost against circumstances,
Where do you go,
The lines of palm are turned and twisted
by the courage,
So in the color of your dreams,
Color your world too,
I walk with you,
What even if it's evening
When there is dark,
you'll find my door,
On that door, it'll be your morning,
You don't know God is nearby..

Mitt jaate hain sabke nishaan
Bas ek woh mitt ta nahin haye
Maan le jo har mushkil ko marzi meri haye
Ho humsafar na tera jab koi
Tu ho jahan rahunga main wahi
Tujhse kabhi na ik pal bhi main judaa
Tu na jaane aas pass hai khuda,
Tu na jaane aas pass hai khuda..

Signs of all are erased
Only that one doesn't get erased
Consider every problem my will
When there is no companion of yours
I'll be there where you are
I'm never away from you for even a moment,
You don't know God is nearby,
You don't know God is nearby...


Unknown said...

Love this song!!!! Thanks for the translation.

Deep Chatterjee said...

One of the most eminent Spiritual songs of Hindi cinema. Heard this type of song after a long time. It is going to be an all time classic. Hats off to the Lyricist, Composer, Singer, Arranger and everyone who is associated with this song. May God Bless You All...

Kapil said...

i love u darling... ur blog rocks.. keep posting...

Harshit Gupta said...


This was the most encouraging comment I've got yet. Thanks. Yeah, will keep posting. :)

Anonymous said...

omg! this is the most awesome song ever! n thnx fr the translation! i was thinking it to be sth like this bt then again i wasnt sure.. This song is extremely inspiring! I am goin thru one of the worst phases pf my life ryt now n this song just helps me feel encouraged n motivated as it screams out "ALLAH is everywhere and is there to help you.All u need is to seek refuge in Him and He will be the best of Friends and Helper Who will never betray you!"

Raj said...

Its not only a song its the voice of soul so eminent spiritual inspiring and ever loving song its truly inspired and encouraged me just because of this song i have brought a lot of changes in my self on the way of god and humanity.

Unknown said...

its an awesome song.. can anyone please give me the lyric of the classical part sung by Rahat Fateh Ali khan... its starts like ... na ma ga ni re sa ....

looking towards your healthy cooperation..

thanks all !!


justanotherblogger said...

Haath ki lakeer ko, Modta marodta,
Hai hausla re

You have translated it as:
The lines of palm are turned and twisted
by the time

It must have been:
The lines of palm are turned and twisted
by courage(or morale)

Tara said...

Aapko Dhaanyavaad! Your blog is great and this song is amazing. It makes me smile and then it brings tears.

Would you be able to translate the line that the woman sings in the bridge, after "mit. jahte hain ..."


Harshit Gupta said...


u r welcome. Actually the line is translated there but will explain a bit here.

The lines go like:

Signs of all are erased
Only that one doesn't get erased
Consider every problem my will..

That is, God saying, everyone's signs in the world are removed, there is no one that remains forever, but those who think of every problem as My will, that is, God's will, and just gets past them accepting them graciously as a gift, that person gets immortal. The hidden message is to tell the listener that s/he should do the same, and graciously accept even the biggest problems of life as God's will and just pass through them with all the confidence.

anil said...

thanks man for doing good job...keep it up!!!

mano said...

such an awesome song... i luv to hear hundred times a day... tanks a lot for translation...

Anup said...


Excellent blog, thanks for the translation of lyrics.
I always loved this song but although I didn't understand a word of it but now it fills me with gratitude.

Mery said...


It was this song that gave me so much of courage to leave my job in a bpo, and to take the struggle for a top S/w company. and i succeed. thank god for his beautiful plan for me.
thanks for the translation..


Remya Athul said...

Hi thanks for the Translation . Keep Going

Anonymous said...

A very soul stirring song. Everytime i hear this song it brings tears of joy, because this song always reminds me that GOD is always with me and this gives me great happiness and meaning to life.

Anonymous said...

rly i am short of words.it keeps giving me hope to continue.i am alwayz moved to tears.this is so amazing.thanks for the translation.i love this song with all my heart...

Kannan K said...


GK said...

Awesome...it makes u come out of ur whtever da prblm is....

mainmunna said...

best song i hv ever listened

Anonymous said...

This song is really inspiring!I fell in love with it the moment I heard it. The meaning behind the song is so true, nowdays not alot of hindi songs can really move and inspire people the way this song did. Never give up! Never lose faith in god! He is always there to help and guide you, love him unconditionally! God bless!!!

Cyntia Samagra said...

Thanks for translating, friend. Here in Brazil it wouldn't be easy to know the beautiful meaning in hindi songs.

Anonymous said...

Hy harshit

I only search your blog for meaning of bollywood songs. Excellent job. Keep going.

Unknown said...

A very soul stirring song. Everytime i hear this song it brings tears of joy, because this song always reminds me that GOD is always with me and this gives me great happiness and meaning to life.

jharnendu said...

the code of this songs
in 2nd is " Ga ma re ni re sa
Ga re ni dha ga re ma ga
Ga ma pa aa ma dha sa
ni re sa da pa
Ga ma re sa
Pa ma aa ga aa sa
Sa ga ma ga pa
with love and regard for all singers

Unknown said...

i was searching for codes on net.... here i found them...
thank u so much.

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot wonderfull peice of music........ Nice to listen at any time of the day

Unknown said...

Song which evokes the spirit of spirituality in true sense.

Que Sera Sera said...

The best song ever...thank you so much for translating it so beautifully... :)

God bless you!

Jaya said...

Thank you millions for this translation. I wanted to share this amazing song to one of my very good Chinese friend who dont understand Hindi..... this helps really thanks a ton... I always listen to this song when I am lost and I loose that confidence in me...... Its good to reminded now and then that we are never alone as we always look people whom we need and not that person akka god who never leaves our side......

Harshit Gupta said...

Thank you Jaya. Your comment just made my day.

Best Regards,

Unknown said...

Wow 😲 really heart ❤ touching 💓 say song 🎶 awesome 🙆

Tamanna said...

Yaah this is awesome song

Anonomus said...

Love this blog...Pls keep translating beautifully !!

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