Pagal Anukan Meaning

Pagal Anukan, pyaare dil mein kitne hain..

The very first words of Mohit Chauhan's song in Robot and you're bowled. Well, if you didn't get the meaning of Pagal Anukan, or precisely Anukan, here it is.

Anukan is nothing but two words anu (अणु) and kan (कण) joined. Anu means molecule and kan means particle. Hence, Anukan means molecular particle, or just molecule, while pagal anukan means molecules of madness as pagal is mad.


Unknown said...

if u had meant tamil it ws 'kaadhal anukkal', which means atoms of love..i hav nt heard hindi version of it, so dunno if u had meant hindi version..

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Harshit interprets the literal Hindi translation but is not educated on the Tamil definition. As stated below by Harima - Atoms of Love is the more relevant definition of Pagal Anukan if you are seeking translation of the song from Enthiran. Molecules of madness? Poor translation Harshit. Go study some more my friend. Truth needs a better friend than you.

Harshit Gupta said...


1. I do not know much Tamil.
2. I just gave a downright translation here. I know the words mean that. Now poetry can declare love as pagal, but that's a different thing.

But then, of all things, I loved that Sidhuism in your last sentence, 'Truth needs a better friend that you.' Well, maybe translation does not, at least here. Thanks anyway. :)

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