Enthiran/ Endhiran Meaning

Enthiran/ Endhiran is Rajnikant-Aishwarya Rai Bachchan starrer multilingual film with the Hindi version of the movie called Robot.

The meaning of Enthiran or Endhiran also is the same, Robot, as the word is parallel to the Hindi word Yantra which actually comes from a Sanskrit root. Yantra, in Hindi as well as Sanskrit is used for 'machine.'


techneology_gal said...

great info..

Anonymous said...

Zandu Balm is known throughout India for its attractive advertisement on TV channels. Everyone in India (and in other countries of the region where indian channels are watched) who watches TV knows about Zandu Balm. "I became (like) zandu balm" means that I also got fame (though in the negative sense) like zandu balm has.

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