Beginning of Khwabon Khwabon: Language, Meaning?

If you're confused as to what is the beginning of khwabon khwabon that goes something like oma-khaziyaan-wahiyaanyaan-waahiyaaya-zeenyeve-hazayiyaan, it's doing exactly what it's supposed to do, fascinate and confuse you.

Well, the beginning of the song, which was the same in the Original Tamil and then Telugu version as well, is nothing but Gibberish. The words that might sound like Arabic or some close language do not exactly have any meaning and have been just put there to fascinate the listener.

And no doubt, they work Bang On!


Anonymous said...

It's Swahili. The meaning is...

Omaha will ..
never eat
never eat
Oppressed will sahiya


Yes. It's Gibberish. I can't find any relation with rest of the song.

Anonymous said...

its not kiswahili.. it does not make any sense and there are no words like that in translate can not be depended on for swahili translation unless it is pure

Aditya Das Choudhury said...

gibberish it may be but it is in reference to the lines-kya karoon main bayaan
ladkhadaye zabaan...

Aditya Das Choudhury said...

maybe the lines are in reference to"kya karoon main bayaan
ladkhadaye zabaan."

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