Khwab ko raag de: Lyrics, Translation (London Dreams)

Movie: London Dreams
Music: Shankar Ehsaan Loy
Lyrics: Prasoon Joshi
Singer: Shankar Mahadevan, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Jo tujhe jagaye
Neendein teri udaaye
Khwab hai Sachcha wohi

The one that awakes you
that takes away your sleep
that only is a real dream

Neendon mein jo aaye
Jise tu bhool jaaye
Khwab woh sachcha nahin

The one which comes in your sleep
and which you forget
is not a real dream

Khwab ko raag de
Neend ko Aag de

Give the right tune (direction) to your dreams
Burn your sleep

Angaaron ko jagaaye
Koyalon sa jo gaaye
Khwab hai sachcha wohi

The one which awakens embers
And which sings like cuckoos
that alone is a real dream

Lehrein jo uthaaye
Paaniyon ko hilaaye
Khwab hai sachche wohi

One which produces waves
And moves waters (seas/oceans)
that only is a real dream

Khwab ko Raag de
Neend ko Aag de

Manzilon pe tyohaar hai
Lekin woh haar hai
Kya khushi apnon ke bin

It's festive time on your destination
But it is like losing as
There is no happiness without your beloved ones

Hai adhoori har jeet bhi
Sargam sangeet bhi
Adhoora hai apnon ke bin

Every victory is incomplete
and so is every song
Without your beloved ones

Khwabon ke baadal
Chhaane do lekin
Risthon ki lau ko bacha ke Barasna

Let the clouds of dreams cast
But while raining
keep the flame of your relationships protected

Kehti hain hawaayein
Choom le gagan ko
Pankhon ko khol do
chhod do Taras na

The winds say to you
Kiss the sky
open your wings,
and stop longing..

Khwab ko Raag de
Neend ko Aag de..

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