Kuchh Pal (Phir Milenge): Lyrics, Translation

kuch pal palkon mein palte hain
kuchh pal aankhon mein jalte hain
toota sa khaab lekar, door jaate huye
kuch pal karvat badalte hain

some moments are nursed under the eyelids,
some moments burn inside the eyes,
taking a broken dream away with them-
some moments change sides..

lafzon mein khud ko chupaayein paheli se, paheli se
ya sang sang khilkhilayen, saheli se
kuch pal saanson ko khalte hain

(they) hide themselves in words, like a riddle,
or laugh together (with us) like a friend,
some moments haunt (our) breaths..

rishton ke raaston par jhilmilate hain
nainon ki kashtiyon mein doob jaate hain
kuchh pal sooraj se dhalte hain

(they) twinkle on the paths of relationships,
(they) drown in the boats of eyes,
some moments decline like the (setting) sun..

Yeh pal to hain musafir, chalte jaayenge
dheere dheere lamha lamha bhool jayenge
apni dhun mein tehelte hain

These moments are travellers, they'll keep on moving
slowly, moment by moment, they'll be forgotten,
they walk slowly in their own mood..

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