Madhubala (Mere Brother ki Dulhan) Lyrics, Translation

Movie: Mere Brother ki Dulhan
Music: Sohail Sen
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singers: Benny Dayal, Aditi Singh Sharma
Label: YRF Music

sar ghoome chakkar khaye
dil dil se takkar khaye
are main khoya ke tu kho gaya
chalta hai dikhta jaaye
jo hai wo dikh na paaye
are aankhon ko ye kya ho gaya
bin chabi khul jaaye masti ka taala
chhori laage joru chhora lage saala
panghat pe nache,
nache re nache madhubala

Head revolves, I feel dizzy,
the heart bumps into heart,
I got lost or u got lost..
I see things moving,
whatever is there I cannot see,
tell me what has happened to my eyes,
without the key the lock of joy is open,
girl looks like wife and boy looks brother in law,
Sweet girl (madhubala) dances near the well..

haan dil ke hain chhakke chhoote chhokre
latkon jhatkon se ab na rok re
haan tu to naino mein mere chha raha
judti tujhko tu chaahe jo kare
ab akal akeli bhatke re
dil sadak sadak sar patke re
ye baar baar hi tujhpe atke re beliya
dil ne chahat ka sikka aisa uchhala
sabke gaalon pe lage mujhko til kaala
panghat pe nache,
nache re nache madhubala

heart's badly lost now,
don't stop me with your dances now,
you're all that's there in my eyes now,
I am attached to you, whatever you do,
now the mind wanders alone,
and my heart beats its head on streets,
it gets stuck on you again and again o companion,
the heart tossed the coin of love such that
on everyone's cheeks I see a black mole,
Sweet girl (madhubala) dances near the well..

O bhaiya raja,
bajega tera baaja
banega dulha raaja
tu aaja jaldi aaja
tu aaja jaldi aaja piya..

O brother,
now your band will be played (you'll be doomed)
you'll become the groom,
come, come soon,
come, o love, come soon...


Anonymous said...

what do the words in the middle of the song mean? (they are spoken)
"thak gaya kya? ... something about UPI and saalaa"
I don't understand them - thanks!

Harshit Gupta said...


Thak gaya kya means 'Are you tired?'

Saala is actually a slang, n though it literally means brother-in-law, it hardly means a thing in the song or even its most usage.

UP is a state in India where Dhol (traditional percussion instrument) is quite famous, especially going by the movie/song.

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