Main Chali to jhoom uthi (Force): Lyrics, Translation

Movie: Force
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
Singers: Naresh Iyer, Shreya Ghoshal

Yeh roop aur yeh rangat
Yeh chaal aur ye nazaakat
Kaisi hai ye qayamat
Ab koi kya kahe

This beauty and this complexion
This walk and this tenderness,
how's this apocalypse..
now who can say what.. (i.e. it's too good to say anything)

Main chali to jhoom uthi zindagi
main chali to jaag uthi roshni
mausam naya nayi nayi hawayein hain
main hoon nayi, nayi meri adayein hain..

when I started, the life danced,
when I moved, light woke up,
there is a new weather and new winds,
I am new and my styles are new..

Teri zulf ki ghatayein
Teri shokh si nigaahein
Kaisi hai yeh balaein
Ab koi kya kahe

The clouds of your hair,
your playful eyes,
how are these troubles,
what to say now...

Duniya badli hai mera andaaz na kyun badle,
sab kuch to hai badal gaya
goonja hai jo geet naya to saaz na kyun badle,
mera bhi sur hai naya
nayi nayi si hain meri raahein,
naya naya mera safar hai
nayi nayi si hain meri chaahein,
nayi nayi meri nazar hai

The world has changed why shouldn't my style change
everything has changed..
when the new song has echoed, why shouldn't the (musical) instruments change,
even my notes are new..
my paths are like all new,
my journey is new..
my wishes are new,
my sight is new too..

tere nain hain niraale
madira ke jaise pyaale
sambhle na dil sambhale,
ab koi kya kahe

your eyes are unique,
like cups of alcohol,
even on trying the heart is not in control,
what to say now..

dil chahe ke le ke sitare haar bana loon main
chaand ho mere bin diya
sagar ki saari lehrein aanchal mein saja loon main
jaane kyun chahe ye jiya
koi samjhe to samjhe deewani
mujhko hai parwah kya
main jaani to bas itna hi jaani
dil dhondhta hai raha kya

my heart wants me to make a garland of stars,
and the moon be like a (little) lamp without me,
all the waves of sea, I would decorate on my scarf
don't know why this heart wishes so..
someone may think of me as mad,
but I don't care..
I learnt only this much,
what my heart has been loking for..

tu hai kaise rang laayi
kaisi tarang laayi
kaisi umang laayi,
ab koi kya kahe..

What colors you have brought,
what a wave you have brought,
what a zeal you have brought..
what to say now..

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's not "Chaand ho mere bin diya", but "Chaand ho meri bindiya" which means "the moon is my headpiece (the jewelry which adorns the forehead)

Please fix the mistake.

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