Abhi to Party Shuru Hui Hai Lyrics Translation| Badshah/ Khoobsurat

Movie: Khoobsurat
Music, Lyrics: Badshah
Singers: Badshah, Aastha
Music Label: T-Series

Darwaaze ko kundi maaro
Koi na bach ke jaane paaye
DJ ko samjha do,
music ghalti se bhi ruk na jaaye
thaka thaka jo feel kare wo dou RedBull gatak le
Aur jisko dance nahi karna
Wo jaake apni bhains charaye

Bolt the door,
let no one go out,
Explain to the DJ,
Music shouldn't stop even by mistake.
Anyone who feels tired, should have couple of Red bulls,
And one who doesn't want to dance,
Should go and graze their buffaloes.

Bas aaj ki raat hai
Kal se wohi siyaape hain
Jee bhar ke naach lo
Na ghar waale na maape hain
Sab pe apna raaj hai
Darne ki kya baat hai
Ye to bas shuruaat hai
Arey abhi to party shuru hui hai..
Ye to bas shuruaat hai..

There is just tonight,
and then from tomorrow it's the same problems,
Dance as much as you like,
There are no people from home here,
On everything there is our control,
What is there to worry,
This is just the beginning,
The party has just begun..
This is just the beginning..

Baad mein na kehna kuch bhi
Pehle hi de doon warning
Party chalegi till six in the morning
Jee bhar ke naach le baby
Naach naach ke tod de sandal
Aunty police bula legi to
Yaar tera kar lega handle

Don't say anything later,
In the beginning only I warn you,
Party will go on till six in the morning.
Dance as much as you like baby,
Dance and break your sandal..
If Aunty calls the police,
your guy (I) will handle it..

[This is an unsaid reference to the Honey Singh song Party All Night's line Aunty Police Bula Legi.]

Soochna janhit mein jaari
Jisko apni jaan pyaari
Chupchaap wo floor pe aaye
Floor pe aake naache gaaye
Nakhre vakhre na dikhaaye
Sharm ko kar de bye bye
Michael Jackson wale
Do teen action karke dikhaye
Party karni hai, hum party karenge
Kisi ke bhi papa se nahi darenge
Hum hain baby hum, baaki saare paani kam
Humein rok ke dikhaaye jiski bum me hai dum

information announced in public interest,
whoever loves their life,
without a fuss come to the dance floor,
Come, dance and sing..
DOn't show an attitude,
Say bye bye to shyness,
show some steps of Michael Jackson..
We've to party, we'll party,
We'll not be afraid of anyone's dad,
We're Us baby, rest all are lesser than us,
Try and stop whoever thinks they can..

[This one again is a reference to the same song, where there was an issue of a slang word being used. The makers of the song said it was kaan mein dum which is not a used phrase really, and it anyway sounded like the slang G***d mein dum. Here, they have changed the word and used a usable-for-all 'bum' instead, and repeated the line. All the references are interesting here because the makers of both the songs, Badshah and Honey Singh, used to work together for a long time.]

Masti hai mahaul mein
Chhaayi ek khumaari hai
Saare thak ke baith gaye
Par apni party jaari hai
Arey panga to koi shuru kare
Apni bhi garaari hai
Jimmy Choo ki noke pe rakhi duniya saari hai

There is fun in the atmosphere,
There is an intoxication in the air..
All (others) got tired and sat down,
But our party is on,
Let someone begin the issue,
We too are ready,
The whole world is on the tip of Jimmy Choo..

Arey abhi toh party shuru hui hai..
Aur jis ko dance nahi karna
Woh jaa ke apni bhains charaaye
Ha ha ha ha


Anonymous said...

good one

Anonymous said...

Its nakhre vakhre lakh dikhaye

Anonymous said...

Its correctly written here...nakhre vakhre NA dikhaye

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