Ek do theen Lyrics and translation | Sikandar / Anjaan (2014)

Movie: Sikandar/ Anjaan (2014)
Music:Yuvan shankar raja
Singers: Raghu kunche, Andrea
Ek dho theen chaar ok ready!
Nee kougilloki vastha kotteyi Dhee
Sega regey manase kore Jodi
Sayyataadi panchey vadi

1,2,3,4 ok ready!
I will come into your arms, tackle me
A heart full of desire wanted company
Play with me and let me share your lap!

Ek dho theen chaar
Ek dho theen chaar

Arere kanne kotti kanne itta choosindhe
Chali innetlona srungaram chesindhe
Hey hey hey, poddhu nidra ki inka Tata cheppi padhamandhi
Adhi haddhe dhaate muddhaatedho baagundhi
Vulipichi pove pilla andham
Abbo, naa mundhukocchey kosare kosare kontega

She winked and saw at me
With in a fraction of second, romance has happened
It made me say goodbye to sleep.and follow it
Crossing limits and kissing would be fun
Sprinkle your beauty here Infront of me
Hey come Infront of me with naughtiness!

Ek dho theen chaar ok ready!
Nee kougilloki vastha kotteyi Dhee

okka ticket tho iddharamelli choose cinema
Adhi Neeku naaku duet unna colour film aa
Arey, pattadamma thattadamma kanne manasuni
Gili guddhelaaga manthrinchaade chinni vayasuni
Choosi pona, kanu vesi pona
Recchi pona, vacchi maaya chesi pona!!

It is a movie ticket which takes two of us (into the game)
Its a film with a duet for us
He held and woke up my young heart
He made my youth restless
Shall I come and have a look?
Shall I proceed make a mess?
Shall I do some magic!?

Ek dho theen chaar ok ready!
Nee kougilloki vacchesi kotteyi Dhee
Nee eede chese ee gaaradi
Muddhu madilo needhe vadi

1,2,3,4 ok ready
Come tackle me in my arms
Your youth has made this magic
In my lap, you've here a hell lot of kisses!

Ek dho | Repeat |

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