Hum India Waale Lyrics Translation | Happy New Year

Movie: Happy New Year
Music: Vishal-Shekhar
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singers: KK, Shankar Mahadevan
Music Label: T-Series

maane yaa koi maane naa
Yahaan apni bhi thodi ada
thoda andaaz hai
Aise hain chaahe waise hain
Are jo bhi hain jaise hain
khud pe humein naaz hai

Whether you agree or not,
There is some style,
some way of ours..
Whether we are like this or that,
we are proud of ourselves..

Jaane na hum ko ye zamaana
Chaaho to hum ko aazmaana
Hum yaar-baaz hum jaalsaaz
Hum ishq-baaz dilwaale
Kehte hain humko pyar se India wale
Chhoo lete dil ke taar se India waale
Har Jeet chheen le haar se Indiawaale
Dushman ke chhakke chhuDa dein hum Indiawale

This world doesn't know us..
If you wish, you can try us..
We are friendsters, we are fraudster,
we are lovester, chivalrous ones..
With love, we are called Indians
They kinda touch the wires of the heart, (we) Indians..
(We) Indians snatch every victory from the loss,
We Indians beat the enemies badly..

Aankhon ki, aankhon ki chaabi se thoda betaabi se
chupke se kholein dilon ke taale
Jaan dete, usko jahaan dete apna imaan dete
jiski bhi baahein gale mein daalein

With the key of eyes, with some anxiousness,
We open the locks of hearts,
We give them our lives, the world, and our faith,
around whoever's neck we put our arms..
[as in, whoever we love.]

Duniya se hum ko kya le jaana
Yaaron ke dil mein ho thikaana
Jo dil se yaar humein le pukaar
To jaan nisaar kar daalein..

What do we have to take from the world, (nothing really),
just that there should be our stay in the hearts of our friends..
If you call us with love,
we'll even give our lives (for you)..

Kehte hain humko pyar se India wale
Chhoo lete dil ke taar se India waale
Har Jeet chheen le haar se Indiawaale
Dushman ke chhakke chhuDa dein hum Indiawale

Ungli pe sab ko nachaa dein..
Dushman ke chhakke chhuDa dein hum India waale..

We make everyone dance to our tune
[The phrase 'chhakke chhuDana' an idiom, meaning we make one do as we want.]


Anonymous said...

Thank you :-)

Unknown said...

nice song, nice lyric..
thanks for the translation ^^

Unknown said...

nice song, nice lyric

thanks fro the translation ^^

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for the translation!
It really helps!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Translations are such a help when teaching non-Hindi speaking /non- Indian students

Unknown said...

This translation differs from the one on the DVD. Which one is correct?

Harshit Gupta said...

Hey Sandra,

First of all, sorry for the delayed response. I keep trying to be more regular, but it's tough to catch up with the comments.

I have not seen the DVD subtitles so can't comment on the exact difference. But generally, DVD subtitles have more of a 'general meaning' than the translation in case of songs, as there is very limited space and they don't want to risk being misunderstood. Here we try to give more literal translation as we can explain where things get complex. Ask away if you are doubtful about some specific parts. Will try and answer.

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