Maula Video, Lyrics, Translation | Vasuda Sharma

Artist: Vasuda Sharma
Album: Attuned Spirits

Vasuda Sharma is a composer, singer, songwriter, arranger who has composed for Makrand Deshpande's Shahrukh Bola Khoobsurat Hai Tu. Her latest song Maula is out with a wonderful video. The lyrics and translation follow.

Maayaa mari na man maraa
mar mar gaye sareer
Asha trishna na mari
keh gaye sant kabeer

Neither the temptation died, nor the heart died.
Just the bodies died.
The hope and thirst didn't die,
said the Saint Kabeer.

[Maayaa or Maya, as per ancient Indian literature, is the temptation of the world and worldly things.]

Maayaa mein atki hai jaan
kitnaa badal gaya insaan

[His] life is stuck in temptation,
how much has the human changed [for the worse].

Buraa jo dekhan main chalaa
buraa na milyaa koy
jo man khojan aapanaa
to mujh se buraa na koy..

When I went to find what is bad,
I couldn't find anyone bad..
And when I searched in my own heart,
I found that nothing was as bad as I was..

Maayaa mein atki hai jaan
kitnaa badal gaya insaan

O Lord,
Human life is stuck in Maya,
how much has the human changed..

You can buy the song/album HERE.

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