ik Pal Yehi Tera Mera Lyrics Translation | Creature 3D

Movie: Creature 3D
Music n Lyrics: Mithoon
Singer: Saim Bhat
Music Label: T-Series

Aaj phir se tere nazdeek aaya hoon
Haan badi kismat se is lamhe ko paaya hoon
Tujhe dekh dekh ke phir se jeene lagaa main
Ab dil ko kya samjhaoon ki main tera guzra kal hoon

Today, again I have come close to you..
With a lot of luck I have got this chance.
Seeing you, I began to live once again,
Now how do I tell my heart that I am your yesterday.

Ik pal yahi tera mera..
Ik pal yahi tera mera..
Ise jeena chaahta hoon main..

Yours and mine, just this moment is there that is ours.
Just this one moment belongs to us.
I want to live this moment.

Phir wahi alfaaz tujhse kehna chahta hoon
Raat bhar baatein teri main sun'na chahta hoon
Tere saath sath rahoon main
Bas yahi sadaa hai
Par zindagi mein teri main sirf mehmaan hoon

I want to say the same words to you,
I want to hear your talks all night.
I want to live with you,
this alone is the call,
but in your life, I am just a guest..

Ek pal yehi tera mera..
Ise jeena chahta hoon main

Lafz mere chhupne lage
Jo tu saamne hai khada
Dil dhoondhta hai wahi
Pyaar jo tha kabhi darmiyaan
Ik aas hai dil ko ki tu rok le
Aur keh de ye mujhko mere sang jeena hai
Khair ho sake to
Mujhko kabhi na bhoolna mujhe tu

My words began to hide,
now that you stand in front of me.
The heart looks for the same
love that was there between us.
There is a hope in the heart
that maybe you'll stop me,
and tell me you want to live with me.
Anyway, if possible,
just don't forget me..

Ik pal yahi tera mera
Isse jeena chahta hoon main..

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