Zindagi se darte ho: Lyrics Meaning

A pretty tough post, took some real hard work. And here is the result. Can't guarantee it to be hundred percent right, but I've tried my best and I guess it should be more or less right.

Zindagi se darte ho, zindagi se darte ho
Zindagi toh tum bhi ho
Zindagi toh tum bhi ho, zindagi toh hum bhi hain
Aadmi se darte ho
Aadmi se darte ho, aadmi toh tum bhi ho
Aadmi toh tum bhi ho, aadmi toh hum bhi hain
Tum abhi se darte ho

You're afraid of life, you're afraid of life,
Even you're life,
Even you're life, even we are life,
You're afraid of man,
You're afraid of man, even you're man,
even you're man, even We are men,
You are afraid now itself...

Aadmi zubaan bhi hai, aadmi bayaan bhi hai
Harf aur maani ke rishte aaye aahat se
Aadmi hai babasta
Aadmi ke daaman haan aadmi ke daaman se
Zindagi hai babasta
Iss se tum nahin darte ho
Iss se tum nahin darte ho
Ankahi se darte ho
Jo abhi nahin aayi uss ghadi ki aamad ki
Aagahi se darte ho
Tum abhi se darte ho

Man is tongue, man is talk,
Relations of word and meaning came slowly
(through which) man exists
By the closeness of man, yeah closeness of man, (not word-to-word here)
Life exists
You're not afraid of it..
You're not afraid of it,
You're afraid of the unsaid (unforeseen)
The time that has not come,
you're afraid of its predictions
You're afraid now itself..

Pehle bhi toh guzre hain
Pehle bhi toh guzre hain
Daur naarsaayi ke, bairiya khudayi ke
Phir bhi yeh samajhte ho

Previously too, there have been
Previously too, there have been
times of non-communication, of heavenly un-love
Still you think so..

Phir bhi yeh samajhte ho
Bech aarzoo mandi
Yeh shabe zabaanbandi
Hai rahe khuda bandi
Tum yehi samajhte ho
Tum magar yeh kya jaano
Lab agar nahin hilte
Haath jaag udte hain
Haath bol udte hain
Subah ki azaan banke

Still you think that
Selling your wishes for low price (can't tell whether mandi here means low price or not)
(and) This night of silence
Godliness exists and stays..
But how would you know
If lips don't move
Hands wake up,
Hands speak,
becoming the prayer of the morning..

Roshni se darte ho
Roshni toh tum bhi ho, roshni toh hum bhi hain
Tum abhi se darte ho
rahe shauk mein jaise, raharon ka khoon lapke
Ik naya junoon lapke
Maut bhi chhalak uthe
Aadmi hansa dekho
Shehar phir basa dekho
Tum abhi se darte ho..
Tum abhi se darte ho...

You're afraid of light,
even you're light, even We are light,
You are afraid now itself...
Like in the way to their goal, travellers' blood runs fast
a new passion picks up
Even the death is shaken
and look, the man laughs
The city is built again
you're afraid now itself..
you're afraid now itself...


Abhinav said...

Great Work Done Buddy...

Anonymous said...

dude! this is nonsense! this isn't meaning, this is translation

Harshit Gupta said...


Well, yes. Sorry for disappointing you, but I don't think I can explain the meanings of songs here. This is just to guide those who don't get the meanings of words in lyrics there.

Anonymous said...

dear harshit no offence but even the translation is pathetic. the lyrics are wrong. the true lyrics are in urdu and u have interpreted it wrong in hindi. one thing is sure that ur hindi and urdu knnwledge is nil. sorry man. but nice work still I will post its meaning and translation soon

Anonymous said...

You can find the true and beautiful translation here

Anonymous said...

Great work.

Shankha said...

I found out for a long time of the meaning of the song...nice job buddy

Rahul said...

Thanks a lot buddy!!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for the translation...It really helped me..

Anonymous said...

Your translation may not be perfect, but it is really helpful.
The person who criticised it has some errors in his work as well.
Such people should not be over smart.
Thank you for this

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