Balam Pichkari Lyrics, Translation (Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani)

Movie: Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Singers: Vishal Dadlani, Shalmali Kholgade
Starcast: Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Aditya Roy Kapoor, Kalki Koechlin

Itna maza kyun aa raha hai
Tu ne hawaa mein bhaang milaaya
Duguna nashaa kyun ho rahaa hai
Aankhon se meethaa tu ne khilaayaa

Why am getting so much fun,
Have you mixed bhaang in the air..
why am getting double intoxication,
have you fed me sweets with your eyes?

[Bhaang is a kind of marijuana, consumed especially on the festival of Holi, also, it is believed that if you eat sweets with something that intoxicates, its effect increases, and hence the lines]

O teri malmal ki kurtee gulaabi ho gayi
Manchali chaal kaise nawaabi ho gayi

Your velvet shirt has turned pink,
and what a mad, royal walk you've got..

Balam Pichkaari jo tu ne mujhe maari
To seedhee saadee chhoree sharaabi ho gayi
Haan jeans pehan ke jo tu ne maaraa thumkaa
To lattu padosan ki bhaabhi ho gayi

O beloved, when you colored me with a water gun,
this simple straightforward girl got drunk..
When you danced wearing a pair of jeans,
even the relatives of neighbors got mashed on you..

kyun no vacancy ki hothon pe gaali hai
Jab ki tere dil kaa kamraa to khaali hai

Why is there a swear word of 'No Vacancy' on your lips
when the room of your heart is empty..

Mujh ko pataa hai re, kya chahataa hai tu
boli bhajan teri, neeyat qawaali hai
Zulmi ye haazir jawaabi ho gayi
Tu to har taale ki aaj chaabi ho gayi

I know what you want,
you speak (as nicely as) prayer, but your intention is (different as, crooked as) a qawali,
your quick wit has become torturous,
you've become a key to every lock today..

Balam pichkari jo tune mujhe maari
To seedhi saadi chhori sharaabi ho gayi
Haan jeans pehan ke jo tu ne maaraa thumkaa
To lattu padosan ki bhaabhi ho gayi

Haan bole re zamaana, kharaabi ho gayi
bole re zamaanaa, kharaabi ho gayee..

Yes, the world says, it's all gone bad...


Anonymous said...

What a Lovely Video Song !!!
5 Out of 5

Anonymous said...

Lovely song Dp Rk Rockz


superb song

Sonika said...

Love this song mahn!

Adeeba Ahamed said...

malmal is muslin.....not velvet

Anonymous said...

its an awesome song love it *******

Anonymous said...

The total song is not here, please post the complete song. "teri kalai jo haatho pe aayi hai......" this part is missing here.

Anonymous said...

superb video song


whats the meaning of balam pchkari

Anonymous said...

absurd lyrics :)

and as far as i know, this site is supposed to be abt the "meaning" of bolly songs, nd yet ppl dont give a damn abt it. "hot video" "deepika rockss"

the only reason i m saying this is coz i wish to hear good music with good lyrics. and i dont see tht happening till ppl keep enjoying fevicol and zandu balm.

Anonymous said...

please, post the entire lyrics.. the songs are out ...

Anonymous said...

movie was awesome

Anonymous said...

Pichkari means Beggar-woman in Tamil... ;)

Anonymous said...

Nyc song bt wud b evn bettr if the lyrics were complete along with the entire song vdo.......

Anonymous said...

Great song, absolutely loved the film!!!!!

Asikur Rahman said...

zamana kharabi ho gayi...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

dummy song english songs are much better!!!


Anonymous said...

Go with the times...... if not sit and listen to all the classic songs of substance. Cheapness is in, substance is out.

Aadrika said...

Malmal is velvet!!

Aadrika said...

Malmal is velvet

Awais said...

it is nice post. it is so sweet blog.
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Anonymous said...

the lyrics become owsome .i like it

Anonymous said...

the song is owsome .i like it

Anonymous said...

My English appears to be much better than yours. Signed, An Indian teen who's never been abroad!

Anonymous said...

Awesome song! I love it to the core!

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