Kis Mod Pe Hai Layi Aashiqui Lyrics Translation (Milne Hai Mujhse Aayi)

Movie: Aashiqui 2
Music: Jeet Ganguli
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singer: Arijit Singh

Milne hai mujh se aayi
Phir jaane kyun tanhaayi
Kis mod pe hai laayi aashiqui

I don't know why, loneliness has come
to meet me again..
At what turn has love brought me..

Khud se hai yaa khudaa se
Is pal meri ladaayi
Kis mod pe hai laayi Aashiqui

Is my fight against myself,
or against God Himself,
At what turn has love brought me..

Aashiqui baazi hai taash ki
Toot-te bante vishwaas ki

Love is a game of cards,
of breaking and building trust..

Milne hai mujhse aayi
Phir jaane kyun tanhayi
Kis mod pe hai laayi Aashiqui..

Jaane kyun main sochta hoon
Khaali sa main ik raastaa hoon
Tune mujhe kaheen kho diyaa hai
Ya main khud laapataa hoon
Aa dhoondh le tu phir mujhe..
Kasmein bhi doon to kyaa tujhe..

Don't know why I think,
that I am an empty road..
Have you lost me somewhere,
or have I gone lost myself?
Come find me again..
What should I promise you again..

Toota huaa saaz hoon main
Khud se hi naaraaz hoon main
Seene mein jo kahin pe dabi hai
Aisi koi aawaaz hoon main
Sun le mujhe tu bin kahe
Kab tak khaamoshi dil sahe
Aashiqui baazi hai taash ki
Toot-te bante vishvaas ki..

I'm a broken musical instrument,
I'm angry with myself,
I'm that voice which is hidden
somewhere in the chest..
Listen to me without saying anything..
How long can the heart bear silence..
Love is a game of cards,
of breaking and building trust..

Milne hai mujh se aayi..
..kis mod pe hai laayi aashiqui..

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Anonymous said...

Lyrics from the heart.....Super

Anonymous said...

Amazing wordings from soul of love.

Anonymous said...

Love each and every song from this movie It's a well done job with the lyrics and the movie ,love it!!!

sonu said...

meh toh teri fan bangaye songliya...

Anonymous said...

i love you aditya roy kapoor

Anonymous said...

Superb song. Infact all the song form the movie is outstanding..

Sree said...

Awesome, great job man! Thanks

Anonymous said...

mere sas es mae mila ha.
raja zenas

Anonymous said...

Love is almost breaking and building of trust..

Anonymous said...

Awesome song. but dunno why all the Indian songs have to include God's name in their lyrics

Anonymous said...

coz they are attached to gods..

harshi said...

nice meaning..i love this song, music, lyrics voice and all..

Unknown said...

Wow! The meaning is superb & lyrics r fantastic! ♥ you Aashiqui 2...

Anonymous said...

Wow! Nice song. Best song for me of the film. Love from Sri Lanka

Anonymous said...

best of luck from sri lanka.adithya love u man.awesm voice.

Unknown said...

This song is so intense I love it!

Anonymous said...

4 z first time in my life I realized am gruly in love jst lookin at z fits so well wiz my situation wow

Unknown said...

great full song here...
Free mp3 songs

kunal mittal said...

I luv this song very much

Anonymous said...

Aashiqui 2 ♡ can't take it out of my mind!!! Amazing wonderful ♡ love aditya roy kapoor! !

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