Wo Piya Aaye Na Lyrics Translation (Aashiqui 2)

Movie: Aashiqui 2
Music: Jeet Ganguli
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singer: KK, Tulsi Kumar

Teri khataa hai mere jiyaa
Un pe bharosa kyuun tune kiya

It's your mistake o my heart,
Why did you believe him..

Sab jhoothe jhoothe vaade the unke
Chal peechhe peechhe aayaa tu jin ke
Wo piyaa aaye naa
Piyaa aaye na wo piyaa aaye naa

All his promises were false,
following whom you came here..
That beloved didn't come..
Oh that beloved didn't come..

Ab sab hi un khwaabon ki tu dagar chhod de
Ab sab hi un khwaabon ko tu khud hi tod de
Woh piya aaye na

Now you leave the path of all those dreams,
Now break all those dreams yourself..
That beloved didn't come..

Teri khataa hai mere jiyaa..

Har khataa kee hotee hai koi na koi sazaa
Gham likhe hon kismat mein to ban hee jaatee wajah
Ab sabhi gham ashqon mein simat se gaye
Ab sabhi aansoo palkon se lipat se gaye
Woh piya aaye na..

For every mistake there is a punishment..
If there are sorrows written in fate, some reason forms..
Now all the sorrows are wound up in tears,
Now all the tears have clung to the eyelids..
That beloved didn't come..

Sach lagaa thaa jo be-vajah hum ko
wo bharam ho gaya hai
Mod aane the jis fasaane mein
Wo khatam ho gayaa
Bhoole hum bhoole wo
Kaise sab se kahein baat ye..

The truth I thought is for no reason,
that has become an illusion..
The story in which there were twists yet to come,
it has ended (abruptly)..
I forgot, s/he forgot..
How do I tell everyone..

Ab chalo hum dheere dheere bihal se gaye
Ab chalo hum jaise bhi ho sambhal se gaye
Woh piya aaye na.. wo o.. piya aaye naa..

Now slowly I have become hopeless,
Now howsoever, I have become a bit stable..
That beloved didn't come..

Teri khata hai mere jiya
Un pe bharosaa kyun tune kiyaa

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Anonymous said...

Good attempt....infact nicely translated....join www.facebook.com/colortomyworld for true things.

Umer Hurrah said...

it truely hurts...fiza come bck im alone

Anonymous said...

Hon, I miss you so much. This heart still beats for you . I'm lonely without you

Anonymous said...

WOW this song is amazzzzzzzing!!!
lovely, wonderful, almost soulful lyrics.

chahun mein ya na? - a question, gives me the impression of true love.

Bollywood should make more songs like this!!! lol :)

Anonymous said...

Heart melting song !

Anonymous said...

Superb,really heart touching

Anonymous said...

This song is meant to those who especially feel the song of the soul

Anonymous said...

I waiting for u my sweetheart...my life is empty without u :(

Anonymous said...

Deep down, I knew you wouldn't come, yet still your silence sucked the oxygen from my soul. My tears and blood know the days I spent pining for you, praying for you in the dark of the nights and whispering your name like a desperate prayer. Never again will I love, like I loved you. My aching heart bears witness that for you, I have no respect and for you, I will not continue to die. Because sab jhoothe the vaade un ke...and now I cry, un pe bharosa kyun tu ne kiya? Woh piya aaye na...and never will he come. Love you a small part of me always will; yet the chapter of you in my storybook is closed..goodbye, beloved.

Anonymous said...

You are my world bava

Anonymous said...

Very nice song.I luv you KK.

KAMAL KK said...

Nice song. i luv you KK.i luv you Sumona,

Anonymous said...

nice song

Samriddhi said...

Luv U KK. M ur biggest fan. U sing such lovely songs. Hats off to you.

Anonymous said...

i am really missing you badly........

how can u be without me....

i cant imagine my life
without you...

i am here for you only....

Anonymous said...

Diz iz d most fvrt song 4r all lovrs nd truly meaningfull luv diz song

Anonymous said...

KHUSHBAKHT PAWAN why u did this to Me just for Money u go to Dr. AMin Ahsan that why u Done nursing Dear tell me.. u make me fool for about five years . :(

Anonymous said...

This is 4 u anandhi...

Unknown said...

This song 4 u mr santosh pandey
I hope u will know about my feeling

Anonymous said...

Khushbakht pawan i was far more better than a Call Centre agent and a Moview Maker

Anonymous said...

I m missing u 2much but I hate u..u shouldn't b happy with ur wife its my wish for this life..if god s der den u ll pay wat u did with me..u cheat.how can u b without me n being nicely with wife.how u left me n married some other girl.go to hell u should die as soon as possible.get lost.

Unknown said...

Priya plz back U plzz priya

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