Aaya Dilli Wali Girlfriend Chhod Chaad ke Lyrics Translation (YJHD)

Movie: Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhatatcharya
Singer: Arijit Singh, Sunidhi Chauhan

Tere liye hi to signal tod taad kay
Aaya dilli wali girlfriend chhod chhaad kay

For you oly, breaking all signals etc.
I came here, leaving my girlfriend from Delhi..

O teree aankh da ishaaraa mujhay fraud lagay
Tu to Majnoo aawaaraa by God lagay

The wink of your eye looks like a fraud to me..
By God, you look like a fake useless lover to me..

O kasmein waade kha ke apnee pocket money bachaa kay
Aaya tere liye paise waise jod jaad kay..

Making promises, and saving my pocket money,
I have come here, with some savings for you only..

Ghar waalon ko bhi bye-shai bol-baal kay
Aaya dilli wali girlfriend chhod-chhaad kay

I have said bye-etc to my folks,
and come here, leaving my girldfriend from Delhi..

Tere liye hi toh signal tod taad ke
Aaya Dilli wali girlfriend chhod chhad ke

O what a look, what a grace
Tenu hi karaan main chase
What a naksh, what a nayn
Dil teraa ho gayaa fan
What a smile, what a style..
Kabhee soft, kabhee rude kinnaa teraa attitude

O what a look, what a grace
I chase you only..
What a great face, what beautiful eyes,
The heart has become a fan of yours..
What a smile and what a style,
Sometimes soft and sometimes rude, I love your attitude..

Teri galee mein bhi aanaa start kar diyaa
Ik tere naam apnaa heart kar diyaa
Karne lagaa aankh matakkaa
Ab to aashiq ban gayaa pakkaa

I have begun to roam your street also,
I have written my heart in your name..
I have begun playing the games of love with you,
Now I have become a complete loverboy..

Aaj abhi maine teraa boycott kar diyaa
Teree saaree harkatein main to note karoon
Tujhe thaaney mein le jaa ke main report karoon

Today, now itself I boycott you..
I'll note all your mischieves
and report you in the police station..

Tu naa kar aise fight
Teraa mood main karoon light
Tujhay scene main dikhaa ke Gol mal ke

Don't fight like that,
I'll show you the scenes of Gol mal [the film]
and make your mood light..

Naam teraa hi likhaaya maine wedding card pay
Aaya dilli wali girlfriend chhod chhaad ke
Chal jhuttha.. mere liye signal tod taad kay
Aaya dilli waali girlfriend chhod chhaad ke

I got your name only written on the wedding card,
and come here, leaving my girlfriend from Delhi..
Go away, liar! as if for me you broke all the signals
and came here, leaving your girlfriend from Delhi..


Anonymous said...

nice and awsom song....

Anonymous said...


Zia Ur Rehman said...

what a smile, what a style.... K baad.. missing.. (Loote neendo'n ki ye file)

Anonymous said...

Luv thys sng and luv ranbir kapoor

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