Aasan Nahi Yahan Aashiq Ho Jaana Lyrics Translation (Aashiqui 2)

Movie: Aashiqui 2
Music: Jeet Ganguli
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singer: Arijit Singh

Aasaan naheen yahaan aashiq ho jaanaa
Palkon pe kaanton ko sajaanaa
Aashiq ko miltee hain gham ki saugaatein
Sabko na miltaa ye khazaanaa..

It's not easy to be a lover here..
To adorn thorns on eyelids..
A lover get gifts of sorrows,
Not everyone gets this treasure..

Baaton se aage, vaadon se aage
Dekho zaraa tum kabhi..
Ye to hai sholaa
Ye hai Chingaari
Ye hai jawaan aag bhi..

Ahead of talks, ahead of promises,
see sometimes..
It's a fireball,
it's a spark,
it's wild fire as well..

Jismon ke peechhe bhaage ho phirte
Utro kabhi rooh mein..
Hotaa kyaa aashiq
Kyaa aashiqui hai
Hogi khabar tab tumhein..

You run behind bodies,
some time get down into the soul..
What is a lover,
what love is..
You'll get to know..

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Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

U veryyyyyyyy right!!!!!!how u kno ?????

Anonymous said...

U Too good Irshad !!!!! A pure lover in z soul !! N Arijit Singh ! Wow if u stop songs like these ..Love n joy will disappear from z whole Universe !!!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic lyrics

Anonymous said...

Love are for dreamers. Dreamers keep on dreaming. Love comes and goes. Sorrow we wept...

Anonymous said...

yeah..nobody can get enough of what love is....the who you love is the who you can't be with......

my hearts is bleeding..that song can tell my story i kept.

Anonymous said...

really a great meaningful and an emotional song

Anonymous said...

Yeah DAT pain is quite unexplained n it can only b understood by people who felt it

BT v r all blessed to have DAT song thanq for everyone related to d song

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